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Tough spot

Played a live session yesterday at the Bike, 2/3 8 handed.Short background:I (mid 30s white male)have a pretty tight image and thought the same of the Villain(mid40s-50s white male) in this hand. Although I did see him call a fairly large river bet with 2nd pair no kicker against a pretty splashy player earlier and he ended up losing that pot. Other than that he has been playing pretty straight forward as far as I’ve seen.The decision to fold at the end was fairly easy but the hand previous the this one I had 3bet on the button after the Villain had called the initial raise and then folded.To the hand… Villain (415 effective) UTG raises to 12, LJ calls I three bet in the cutoff to 55 with two red Kings. Villain calls LJ folds.Flop (130ish) QhJhJdHe checks, I bet 40 and he thinks for a min and then calls.Turn (190) 8cHe now leads for 70. I contemplate folding here since he has a ton of Jx in his range but just call to evaluate a river.River (330) AhI was watching him as the river came out and he was shoving his stack(200ish) in before the card was even placed. I don’t even know if he saw the card before he started moving his chips in but the fact the the flush came in and I would play AA the same way… I folded but am having a really tough time putting him on anything besides QJ and 9Thh, curious if I should have just folded on the turn. Sighhhh he never showed and left shortly after.

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