Australian Open 2021 betting review

Do you want to know about the winner of the Australian open 2021? If you are searching for the right information about the task, you have reached the best spot. In the side of men, the Novak is ready to defend the title, which is not magic for the first time. He played well in the last contest of the same title. On the other hand, Osaka also prepared well to face all the opposition teams in the mega title on the side of women. The title of 2021 Australian open praised in all the nations. On the other hands, it would be the 107 the match at the same ground.All the details of players and pairs have finalized after reading the detailed previews. It is not an easy task to announce the winner of the day. For the viewers’ ease, I have collected the data of all the well-known players at the international level for the first time. You must have to read the full description of the content for getting the close detail.Betting Tips & OddsThe time is short to start the enormous title of tennis. We have seen that the players do not get much time to prepare themselves for the contest. They were busy in grand slam side and just picked 15 days to refresh for the high profile games. Most of the experts said that this title would be completely different than all the previous ones. Now, let’s what will happen in the matches.Australian open tennis is scheduled to start on the 8th Feb 2021. It is different than the last cup because of the disease of COVID-19. Some players will get some practice, but the other will remain in an isolated condition for 15 days, which is not easy.Who Will Win?Everyone knows that there is no comparison of Novak because of having too much experience in this format. He also succeeded to obtain the more number of titles in the past time. On the other hand, we can not forget about Rafael Nadal who remained undefeated in 2 games from the last three ones. So, it is an exciting thing to see them back to back result and performance. Let’s see what will happen on the play day.Latest Australian Open Title WinnersWomen’s Singles:2020: Sofia Kenin2019: Naomi Osaka2018: Caroline Wozniacki2017: Serena Williams2016: Angelique Kerber2015: Serena Williams2014: Li Na2013: Victoria Azarenka2012: Victoria Azarenka2011: Kim Clijsters2010: Serena WilliamsMen’s Singles:2020: Sofia Kenin2019: Novak Djokovic2018: Roger Federer2017: Roger Federer2016: Novak Djokovic2015: Novak Djokovic2014: Stan Wawrinka2013: Novak Djokovic2012: Novak Djokovic2011: Novak Djokovic2010: Roger FedererConclusionAll the detail of the previous profile of players and teams showed very carefully. In the last title 2020, the Sofia Kenin put massive pressure over the opposition to claim the title. It is not easy to announce the winner of the match before seeing the final result. However, the Novak, Federer and Sofia are the prominent players to play in the upcoming contest.

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Landon Tice vs. Bill Perkins the Next Big Heads-Up Match in Poker?

February 7, 2021
Gossip, Rumors & Buzz

Landon Tice and Bill Perkins agreed to a high-stakes heads-up poker match on Twitter, and it appears they aren’t just messing around. Whether or not they’ll actually go through with it, however, is another issue.
Will Landon Tice actually face Bill Perkins? (Image: Reddit)
With the Doug Polk vs. Daniel Negreanu and Galfond Challenge matches out of the way after three months of exciting action, poker is in search of its next heads-up battle.
Polk and Negreanu drew 10,000 or more viewers for nearly all of the 36 sessions they played. The match lasted nearly three months, and Polk won it by $1.2 million. It quickly became the talk of the poker community, and poker fans remained interested throughout.
Tice vs. Perkins certainly won’t draw similar interest as neither player is as big of a name in the poker world as Negreanu or Polk. But it could potentially be an intriguing match, so long as poker fans actually watch it.
They have tentatively agreed to play $200/$400 stakes, the same stakes at Negreanu and Polk, over 20,000 hands. All action will take place online, although the poker site hasn’t yet been determined.
There is one caveat to this challenge. Tice must pay Perkins nine big blinds per 100 hands as part of the deal, or $720,000, assuming the match goes the full 20,000 hands. So, if he wins $800,000 during the heads-up play, he’ll really only profit $80,000 as he’ll then owe his opponent $720,000.
Giving him a Chance
Have you ever faced an inferior player on the basketball court? Chances are if you have, you’ve given that opponent a few points to start the game just to make it fair. That’s essentially what’s happening in this match.
Perkins, a hedge fund manager who plays poker recreationally, understands the obstacle he’s facing. Tice, a 21-year-old poker pro from Florida, is considered one of the top young up-and-coming players in the game. He studies the game relentlessly, and is presumed to have an edge over a casual poker player.
Thus, the reason he’s freerolling Perkins nine big blinds per 100 hands. Doing so should make the match a bit more fair for a casual poker player. With that said, Bill Perkins is a bit more skilled than the average recreational player. And because he’s so wealthy, he won’t be playing with scared money, which could give him an advantage over Tice, who is backed and doesn’t have as hefty of a bankroll.
No date has been set yet on when the match will begin. But both players have agreed to play, at least on social media. The only question now is will Perkins actually see this thing through until the end or will he get bored or have more pressing issues to tend to instead of poker? Last summer, he briefly began a Galfond Challenge against Phil Galfond, but that match only lasted a couple of sessions. Haralabos Voulgaris isn’t very confident in Perkins playing all 20,000 hands.

I’d lay 9-1 that Bill gets bored / distracted at some point and forgets he’s supposed to play 20k hands of poker and this isn’t completed. https://t.co/DeWBXWg3kg
— Haralabos Voulgaris (@haralabob) February 7, 2021


Written by

Jon Sofen

Semi-pro poker player with 17 years experience on the felt and more than five years working as professional poker media.

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Table Management in PKOs

If a decision is close, think about what the table would look like after you win or lose a hand in a PKO tournament.

Dara O’Kearney 

When I first started learning poker over a decade ago I cut my teeth in SNGs where we had a popular strategy concept called Table Management. This was essentially when a decision was close, letting what the makeup of the table would look like after you won or lost be the deciding factor.
You didn’t want to double up somebody behind you with a 10 big blind stack, for example, because it would give them a reshoving stack. There were also spots on the bubble where you would leave a short stack alive because their presence meant you could bully the bigger stacks.
That concept went away as the solvers took over the game and you would just play your range accordingly. However, table management is a big consideration again, when it comes to PKO tournaments. This is especially the case in the early stages when the bounties are a big relative factor.
Who covers who after the hand?

Pay attention to who covers who

This is because whom you cover in a PKO is crucial to your profitability and being able to cover everyone at your table means you are competing for the biggest prize pool. As such your decision is not just about your range vs their range, it is about engineering situations where you can cover the big bounties.
For example, if you have the chip lead and are facing a marginally +EV decision for a small bounty, but losing the hand would mean you no longer cover four people at the table, it might be better to pass. If you have the chip lead and calling and losing would not take the chip lead away from you, then you can certainly make those marginal calls.
If you are 6/9 and winning the hand would make you 1/9 and players 2, 3 and 4 are all big bounties, that might make a marginally-EV call a snap. There is additional equity in being the chip leader and it is worth taking or passing thin EV lines to make sure you cover everyone.
Additional equity in getting the chip lead
Not every spot is worth taking, of course. If you are 2/9 and the 1/9 player is either very tight or only has one starting bounty, it doesn’t make much sense trying to cover them because you are unlikely to be rewarded trying to take them out. They either won’t give up the chips or the small bounty is not worth the risk. If they are tight, you can also safely assume that you will have the run of the table as 2/9 anyway, as they will fold most hands preflop.
It’s good to have 20 big blind stacks ahead of you in PKOs because you can 3-bet them wide and you will get very good odds to call them for their bounty if they come over the top of you.

What will the table be like if you win or lose?

Trying to get the chip lead also includes taking non-standard lines with hands. For example, if you have a very strong hand it would be normal to 3-bet with it and a lot of the time you take down a small pot. In a PKO it is often worth just flatting with hands like these and risking elimination if winning more chips would put you in a chip lead position.
In any PKO hand you can boil down how to adjust as follows, you have three decisions:

How would I play this in a normal MTT?
How does the presence of the bounty change things?
What will the new table situation be after I win or lose the hand?

That final point is currently where the solvers fall short and there is a lot of additional equity in covering people at the table in PKOs, it should not be ignored in any part of your decision making.
Dara O’Kearney’s new book PKO Poker Strategy is available on kindle or paperback at Amazon right now. 
More from Dara O’Kearney

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7 TV Shows That Talks About Gambling

Casinos have over the years come to be synonymous with ‘having a good time’. In fact, the influence of casinos is so prolific that it has also been the center of many a popular tv series. For people, therefore, who did not wish to or could not gamble, these shows brought in the glitzy life of the casinos right into the living room. Undeniably casinos have got the style, and the fast-paced world of gambling has been and continues to be translated into various genres from thrillers, to drama, to comedy to make for an enjoyable watch. Here’s a list of 7 TV shows that talk about gambling and are sure to keep you hooked onto for seasons to come.

1. Las Vegas (2003-2008)

As far as TV shows on gambling go, this is the holy grail by any standards. Constantly ranked as one of the best shows on casinos and gambling, the drama-comedy explored the workings of the fictional hotel Montecito. Running for a total of 5 seasons, before being canceled for budgetary constraints, the show revolved around the various departments of the hotel and casino. Shot in Las Vegas the pilot episode remains one of the most expensive episodes in NBC history. So, if you are in for some fine acting and glitzy storyline, you could tune in to watch this stellar series. Remember though, the last season does not have a conclusion since it was cancelled before its time. 

2. Breaking Vegas (2004)

If you like films that show glitzy avenues but are grounded and realistic in their approach, then you are bound to love Breaking Vegas. The 2004 series explores the lengths people go to earn a buck at the casino. This could range from simple sleight of hands to complex card counting algorithms. The show is well-researched and the format of limited episodes in a single season works wonders in terms of content. This is one con-show that you are bound to be on board for.

3. Vegas (2012)

Given how synonymous Las Vegas is with gambling, it is no wonder that most of the shows revolve around the city. This period drama however, goes one step forward. While most TV shows take up gambling a form of content, Vegas explores the ties between mafia and gambling. Dark, gritty and intense, the show promises to be one of the most intensive series you’ll ever watch.

4. Tilt (2005)

Poker seemed to have been the driving force behind casino content in the 2000s. In Tilt, professional poker players team up to take down a legendary gambler. The series while being hurriedly shot, comes across as a genuine tale and the actors are downright impressive. If you are looking for a classic revenge story, here’s a series that is gonna keep you hooked.

5. Sneaky Pete (2015)

Running for 3 seasons now, Sneaky Pete is a series with a difference. Featuring the ever-brilliant Bryan Cranston, who is basically synonymous with Breaking Bad, the show is a crime drama par excellence. Starting off as a case of mistaken identity, the show descends into the murky world of crime. What makes the series a series watch especially for casino fans are the poker sequences in the casinos. The casinos are often used to further the story with the match being a fulcrum for character development. 

6. Deadwood (2004)

HBO has over the years pushed out some seriously classic movies and TV series. Deadwood happens to be among the forerunners on that list. Sporting an impressive cast, the series running for three seasons is a period piece explored through the perspective of a bar and casino owner. Considering the profession of the protagonist, you can expect to witness a lot of gambling. These games range from Roulette and Poker to various other casino games. The show was far ahead of its time in terms of content. This was very evident when it was called back for a fresh season after being cancelled. The cult status this series has achieved over the years continues to hold up even today. An incredible feat by any standards.

7. Luck (2011)

Horse racing is one of the most common platforms to gamble, and yet it is one of the least explored on the screen. Luck seeks to change that by diving into the world of jockeys and bookies and building a series that is wholly enjoyable while being effortlessly creative. Few people realise that horse betting is far more difficult than it actually is, and most series usually go about it inaccurately. Luck on the other hand is so intricately researched that it nails all the details. The only downside of the series is that it has gone off the air and is only there for a season. However, if you enjoy horse betting do give it a shot, you never know what you could go away with.

These are great shows for you to watch if you want a high-octane show with gambling in the background.

Visit JeetWin and register with us. Play our exciting online casino games that reward prizes if you win!

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Premier League Review – Gameweek #22

The English Premier League is the most entertaining league to watch in the world every weekend, and February kicked off in stunning style as Manchester United dropped a two-goal lead for only the fourth time in Premier League history at home to Everton.Elsewhere, there was a damaging defeat for Arsenal and a controversial red card for Tomáš Souček as talking points seemed to come in every game.Let’s catch up on exactly what happened up and down the country in the best football league on Earth.Manchester United 3-3 EvertonA dramatic game at Old Trafford saw Ole Gunnar Solskjaer’s side pegged back in the title race after a late equaliser gave Carlo Ancelotti’s Everton a share of the spoils.An incredibly open game could easily have seen the sides level at half-time, but it was United who went into the break with a two-goal lead, courtesy of goals from Edinson Cavani and Bruno Fernandes, though a lot of credit should also be given to Marcus Rashford for a wicked ball in that was begging to be headed home by the obliging Uruguayan.United scored their second when Bruno Fernandes, celebrating a year at Old Trafford by averaging a goal involvement (goal or assist) in every one of his 37 games, smashed in a looping shot-cum-lob that looked to have given United an unassailable lead.That wasn;t the case, however, and just like in 2012, it was Everton who broke United supporter’s hearts. Back then, a 4-4 draw masterminded by David Moyes allowed the ‘Agueroooo’ moment a few days later to confirm the title going to the blue half of Manchester.This time, a goal from Abdoulaye Doucore after an awful error by David De Gea then slack defending from a cutback allowed James Rodriguez to draw The Toffees level. United rallied and, perhaps spurred on by needing to make amends for such wasteful defending, scored a third through Scott McTominay.The Red Devils were never settled, however, inviting Everton on, clinging on. In the 96th minute, a full two past the allotted extra time, their worst fears were confirmed as Dominic Calvert-Lewin got onto the second ball from a Digne free-kick and nudged home. United, so good for many periods, had to settle for a draw and hope Manchester City would drop points at Anfield.Liverpool 1-4 Manchester CityAs you can see from the scoreline, that didn’t happen and in some style as Manchester City dismantled any lingering fortitude the once awe-inspiring Anfield held for visiting teams. Having gone 68 games without defeat, the current champions have suffered three home defeats on the spin after 0-1 ‘blips’ against Burnley and Brighton were compounded by a reminder of Manchester City’s ruthless heart.City weren’t sparkling for the first half, although they would have taken the lead before the break if Ilkay Gundogan hadn’t blazed his spot-kick over the bar. In the second half, however, Gundogan made amends by opening the scoring after fine work from City’s front three, featuring English forwards Raheem Sterling and Phil Foden.Both those two would grab a goal, as would Gundogan, after two massive blunders by Liverpool’s Brazilian ‘keeper Alisson not once but twice made ridiculous passes in his own penalty area to gift chances to the opposition that they were never going to pass up. A final flourish from man-of-the-match Phil Foden saw the young City midfielder smash home a gleeful fourth past Alisson, who must have wished for Anfield to swallow him up.City march on, but Liverpool, now 10 points back, are surely out of contention to retain a crown that took them three decades to wear. After the game, Jurgen Klopp spoke to Liverpool’s own channel about the game and his disappointment about the concession of the three points.English Premier League Gameweek #22 Results:Aston Villa 1-0 ArsenalBurnley 1-1 Brighton & Hove AlbionNewcastle United 3-2 SouthamptonFulham 0-0 West Ham UnitedManchester United 3-3 EvertonTottenham Hotspur 2-0 West Bromwich AlbionWolverhampton Wanderers 0-0 Leicester CityLiverpool 1-4 Manchester CitySheffield United 1-2 Chelsea

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Seven winning poker quotes to inspire you

If you’re looking forward to some online poker sessions this week or there’s even a live tournament near you then what better way to get up for the battle than reading our seven poker quotes to inspire you?Let’s step back in time and enjoy a look back at poker as it was as well as how it is today.1. “It’s immoral to let a sucker keep his money.”Matt Damon’s character Mike McDermott uttered this immortal line in the 1998 movie, Rounders. As we wrote about in our Poker on Screen column, the perfect opening scene in celluloid poker history features one of the coolest lines, too. McDermott learns all about those morals by the end of the film, of course. Will there ever be a Rounders 2? Rumours abound to this day.2. “When a man with money meets a man with experience, the man with experience leaves with money and the man with money leaves with experience.”Nobody knows where this poker quote comes from, but it’s a belter, isn’t it? There’s no replacement for experience in poker and it will often cost the rookie plenty of money to find that fact out. If you’re the player with experience this week, make them pay. If you’re not, be careful how much it costs you to take a lesson.3. “At gambling, the deadly sin is to mistake bad play for bad luck.” Ian Fleming’s writing in the 1953 novel Casino Royale is perfect, illustrating the world of high stakes gambling better than hundreds of other works both before and since. Never does this quote seem more appropriate than when playing poker, and the James Bond franchise owes a lot to the opening novel in its incredible canon as a result. The 2006 James Bond film Casino Royale would, of course, to some extent ruin poker on screen, but you can’t win them all.4. “Poker has a feeling of a sport, but you don’t have to do push-ups.”American magician Penn Jillette really makes sense with this observation about the nature of poker. It takes practice, discipline, focus…and you can do it wearing lounge pants and watching YouTube videos of the world’s best magic tricks? Just us? Fine, but you’d be amazed how often we can pull a rabbit out of the hat on the river. 5. “Going all in before the flop, [you] may as well play the lottery instead.”Rick Hickey is clearly not a fan of the push-fold charts. Full square behind post-flop, he doesn’t move his chips over that line until he’s seen a flop. Hickey has also never won the lottery, but he does have an act of affection named after him, to be fair. It’s swings and roundabouts, like going al-in pre-flop.6. “I can dodge bullets, baby.”Phil Hellmuth with one of the most famous poker quotes of all-time, and if we can’t listen to The Poker Brat, winner of 15 World Series of Poker bracelets, who can we listen to? Hellmuth is a walking, talking headline-speaker, and trust us, we’ve been in his company during an interview where the sun set over the back lot of the Rio… because Phil told it to!7. “I believe that poker is a people game played with cards, not just a card game played by people.”Carlos Mortensen, the Ecuadorian player who was raised in Spain and became a poker legend at the WSOP makes a superb comment on the spirit of poker. Mortensen has been one of poker’s most interesting players, not least because in the final hand of the 2001 WSOP Main Event, he won with a suited king-queen all-in against pocket aces, making a straight to crack aces for the title. That final table 20 years ago featured Mike Matusow (6th) Phil Hellmuth (5th), Phil Gordon (4th) and Dewey Tomko, who ‘El Matador’ beat heads-up. Incredible.Whatever game you’re playing at the felt this week, bring your A-Game and if you can’t be good, be lucky.

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Schwimer strikes out – baseball star walks off High Stakes Poker

It goes without saying that high stakes cash games are notoriously swingy. But what happens when a baseball star swings and misses? He walks, of course.Michael Schwimer had recently told Poker Central how much he was looking forward to locking horns with the best as the legendary High Stakes Poker pitched the Major League Baseball legend against some of the toughest poker players ever to shuffle up and deal. What happened once Schwimer took to the felt, however, left his fans wishing he’d brought his bat to the poker table.Former Philadelphia Phillies pitcher Schwimer, who said before the show, “They will show me less respect probably, which I deserve. I like to see a lot of flops and try to make moves from there, but it’s going to work to my advantage, I hope.” was proven to be slightly wrong in that prediction.Schwimer’s problems only really started when Bryn Kenney joined the game, but that’s no great surprise. The East Coast superstar has won more money in live poker tournaments than anyone in the history of the game, and with $56.4 million in live tournament winnings, he added to that at the High Stakes Poker felt.Buying in for a little under $900,000, Kenney had lost around a third of that early on, but in the hand that mattered, he had the best of it from the flop. Plenty of players were involved, too, with John Andress on the straddle to the tune of $1,600. That bet was called by Tom Dwan and Jean-Robert Bellande before Schwimer raised it up to $4,000 with king-five of clubs. Kenney called with pocket fours and Andress, Dwan and Bellande all came along for the ride too.Strike one on the flop, as Schwimer hit his king, but Kenney struck a set when a four arrived too on the K-4-2 spread. A good flop for Schwimer under most circumstances, the baseball star c-bet for $15,000 which was immediately raised to $52,000 by Kenney. That bet was enough to reduce the pot to a heads-up battle, but Schwimer couldn’t bear to fold top pair.Strike two on the turn as an ace gave Schwimer a wheel draw to go with his king. Even if he was behind at this point, he could pull a home run out of the bag on the river, couldn’t he? Kenney’s bet of $71,000 was called by Schwimer.Then, the nightmare river. A splitter that Schwimer didn’t see coming.The five of diamonds fell on the river.Two-pair and against most opponents and most made hands, perhaps a winning one. Schwimer certainly thought so, taking a swing at it as he check-called for $165,000 when Kenney made the bet. Showdown saw Schwimer’s two pair run out by Kenney’s safe set of ours, and the MLB star was out of there.“All right, that was fun boys.”Well, it was certainly fun for Bryn Kenney. Scwimer might want to ‘pitch’ things a little lower next time he sits down at the High Stakes Poker tables.

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