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A Quick Help Guide to Poker Tournament Strategy

There’s a lot more to discuss, but the content goes long in online casinos, and hence, it’s been pushed away into several specialized sections for better understanding. The small and focused guidance towards a unique approach of Poker tournament strategy will help you to get the real work done towards your benefits. Why don’t we let’s get into it?
Dealing with delicate success in the tournamentsMain focused variance in the PokerThe basic strategy towards Poker tournament Intermediate approach towards the strategyThe advanced flow of tournament strategyThe best expert guidance of the tournament strategy
Dealing with delicate success in the tournaments
The basic and the foremost approach goes while measuring the lifetime earnings using Poker tournament strategy, which goes with the total amount of the money prizes a player goes on in the live casino. Don’t you think this number is delicate? It’s all because it doesn’t count for the profitable areas of interest.

Why don’t we discuss an example?

Keep in mind, let’s say a player has around $2000, 000 of lifetime earnings from playing 400 tournaments, with $20,000 buy-in; hence, it’s considered to be an extremely loser player in his field of Poker tournaments.

Let’s keep it more straight by asking about its converse.

Let’s say a player had just $50,000 of total lifetime earnings from playing around 100 tournaments, with $ 50 buy-ins, and it’s considered to be an extremely beneficial player of the tournaments who is always focused on keeping the beneficial approaches on track with online Blackjack. We believe in the index that goes with the best metric method to keep the measuring approach towards success Poker tournament strategy in the best resulting way. There are some more accurate ways to measure the delicate success using a player’s aggregate ratio of won and lost titles.

The best leading authority on ranking members of Poker tournament strategy mainly focuses on good job holding capacity of the upholding results and prizes tools to hand a great account of product sizes.

Main focused variance in the Poker
This is one of the incredible flows towards Variance in online Roulette. Let’s think of a tournament having a lottery system with small edged prizes that might focus on winning the lottery tickets.

For this reason, there are a lot more average details about the variance career without getting into the winning strategies of the practical terms. Not just about winning tournaments, it’s also about the series of upcoming benefits to enrich the chances of winning the Poker events.

Allowing more firms towards profitability approaches, Poker tournaments are based on the complete Poker tournament strategy towards winning supplements of cash games and deeper authentic knowledge about winning the game.

Why don’t we let’s put the Variance in future of online casinos terms?

If you like to hold the capacity parts of the management, then you can absolutely expect to hold the practical tips of the deeper players.
The basic strategy towards Poker tournament
The basics hold the benefit of analysis known as “Poker tournament strategy”. It’s not only about the tournament but also associated with every aspect of the game. Taking more advantage, usually in the form of percentages, it’s about the fee that the entry holders take and the expectation that goes reasonable on notable events. However, it’s more important to focus radically on many entire forms of additional undertaking either in the occasional expense or opportunity expense.

The best rates go in flow with the basic opportunity terms of Poker tournament strategy. The hidden flow accounts for the dealing and staff occasion opportunity to clear the dues and remaining play benefits. Moreover, the expectation goes high in the given costs involved to run the basic events.
The intermediate approach towards the strategy
The very first stack play goes in the Poker format. As a short stack, it seems either the big stack or intermediate but the game holds on until it goes final. Well, it means that the important principles go on fire about the decision understanding of the Poker idea. Hence, this is referred to as the intermediate approach towards the Poker tournament strategy. In other words, looking over towards good spots to hit on, the best attempt goes blind without larger stacks, and that finally threatens to beat the tournament life.

As a very short stack, the risk goes high with the late positions holding on. The loser gets tighter and calls just to notify the deal. The best-enhanced component goes with fundamental decisions to make the Poker tone more authentic and healthy in the mobile casino.
The advanced flow of tournament strategy
It’s all about the play and the familiarity. This goes with the best-conquered guidance and the hand on the game. Navigation and the time to learn the Poker tournament strategy make the games more perfect and defending. Seeking more challenges, it defines the approach that goes into continuation while playing and holding the results. The basic reason to get the hands over follows more profitable prices into a much wider range of hands. The best advantage hangs on with the lifetime earnings, and the final ratio goes with to hold the capacity terms.
The best expert guidance of the tournament strategy
Towards the expert concept, the section keeps the share towards more discussion and confusing approach to win the targets even if you use the Poker tournament strategy. Some people believe in confusion and some with more clarification benefits. To make a decision healthier, the situation doesn’t go hand in hand to apply for the principle in a counter-spots way.

Let’s take a closer look towards the expert approach!

Assuming a current stack size on an average hourly rate, the expected classic examples wish to moderate the light-handed profits. The basic and the common objection again keeps following is about the Poker tournament strategy, which isn’t simply the case. The deeper the stack goes, the more enjoying capacity keeps on checking out. Lastly, a private forum is a must and mandatory to get into the steps of success of Poker tournaments. Private forums help you to create more perfect resources and exclusive Poker tournament strategy guides to keep the reading and access towards the hidden profitable guides.

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Philippines House passes new POGO tax bill

The Philippines House of Representatives are trying to fixt their online gambling taxation problem. The House voted 198-13-2 to pass House Bill 5777 on February 8, creating an opportunity for President Rodrigo Duterte and the Senate to finally get the tax revenues they want from the Philippine Offshore Gambling Operators (POGOs).Rappler broke the news early Monday evening:Bill 5777 had been under consideration since late January, as the Philippines was forced to pass a bill to bump on taxes on the industry. A Supreme Court ruling in early January ruled that the 5% turnover tax the government was attempting to collect was unconstitutional.The bill allows for the following taxes to be collected:“Offshore gaming licensees (OGL) (or the POGOs themselves) – 5% of gross gaming receipts and revenues from other services. This is consistent with international practice. This is also consistent with the House’s position on taxing offsite betting activities (House Bill No. 8065, approved by the House on December 15, 2020, uses gross receipts or commissions, the equivalent of GGR, as its tax base).“Nonresident aliens who are employees of OGLs – A final tax of 25% of gross annual income, remitted annually to the BIR, with presumptive minimum tax base of P600,000 gross annual income. This will be remitted quarterly and in advance.“Service providers – Regular corporate income tax, all applicable local and national taxes. The argument that service providers are akin to business process outsourcing (BPO) activities and are thus entitled to export incentives is laid to rest as the law defines OGLs as considered to be ‘doing business in the Philippines.’”A policy brief by the Congressional Policy and Budget Research Department (CPBRD) explains the many other provisions made by the bill. Notably, the Bureau of Internal Revenue (BIR), Bureau of Immigration (BI), and Department of Labor (DOLE) are mandated to exchange information so all taxes can properly be collected.While this bill could soon set up a new tax regime for the industry, the CPBRD teased that the conversation around POGOs is far from over.“But while HB 5777 addresses the tax revenue aspect of OGLs, there are other considerations such as socio-cultural, economic, governance, political and national security issues that must be taken into account in order to understand the net benefits (i.e. benefits minus costs) of the offshore gaming industry to the Philippines.”

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The next great heads-up challenge?

Landon Tice is giving Bill Perkins a $720,000 head start in their upcoming heads-up challenge – can he do it?

Heads-up cash might be a dead format but it seems to be the arena to compete in if you want to generate publicity. 
After Phil Galfond’s third challenge success and the end of Polk vs Negreanu, it looks like the Tice vs Perkins handicap match is the next big heads-up grudge match. 
American wunderkind Landon Tice has announced a heads-up challenge with Bill Perkins where he is giving his opponent a massive head start.

HEADS UP FOR SOULS IS ON!I battle the Legend @bp22200/40020k handsI pay 9bb/100 More details to come, but BLOOD WILL BE IN THE STREETS 🔥📈
— Landon (@LandonTice) February 6, 2021

Tice is ‘paying’ Perkins 9BB/100 in their 20,000 hand No Limit match at $200/$400. What that essentially means is that Tice is giving Perkins a $720,000 head start and he believes he can still beat him. If, for example, Tice beats him by 10BB/100 he would profit $80,000 overall before rake is factored. 
The suggestion is that Tice believes he will beat Perkins by a much bigger margin. For context, Doug Polk beat Daniel Negreanu by 12BB/100. It also looks like Tice has locked up a challenge with Dusk Till Dawn and partypoker boss Rob Yong giving him a 15BB/100 head start. 

You drive a hard bargain, but I accept your heart and love of the game. To be honest I didn’t start playing HUNL until 6 months ago, but I will definitely be deep in the lab preparing for HU 4 SOULS!THE BATTLE IS ON 🔥
— Landon (@LandonTice) February 6, 2021

If this is whetting your appetite don’t get too excited, as Perkins has said he is going to go into the lab and study for several months before it starts. 
It does make the heads-up poker space a lot more interesting, as it could encourage a lot of people who don’t have an edge to play better players. This is a common problem in heads-up, it is one of the reasons why the format died out, because the regs would sit out from playing each other. It also makes it more interesting from a betting perspective, PokerShares have Tice a 7/10 favourite at the time of writing, much closer odds than we saw in Polk vs Negreanu.
Whose side of the bet do you like? Let us know in the comments:

Barry Carter
Barry Carter is the editor of PokerStrategy.com and the co-author of The Mental Game of Poker 1 & 2, Poker Satellite Strategy and PKO Poker Strategy

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Play’n’Go Thunder Screech Slot Review

Thunder Screech is a 5 reels and 10 Paylines video slot game powered by Play’N Go Gaming.Thunder Screech is a Native American themed slot machine which takes place against a forest in the background and reels are set in totem poles.The game is playable across all of your devices including mobiles, computers as well as with tablets.The minimum betting size you can use to play Thunder Screech slot can be $0.10 per spin and the maximum can be $100 per spin.The maximum possible win could be 5,000x times of your stake and the RTP is 96.2%.There are 3 bonus features exist in this game including the free spins feature and multiplier which if activated will grant you 5 free spins and up to 9x multipliers.Graphics of Thunder Screech slot are highly attractive whereas the soundtrack is at par above great.The canvas-style reel contains A to 10 low paying Royals along with Raven character who pays 7.5, 15 or 75 x times of your stake for 3,4 or 5 of them on your Payline.The Thunderbird totem acts as the wild symbol which appears only on middle 3 reels and replaces other symbols except the scatters to create a winning combination.The Dream Catcher is the scatter symbol which if appears on your screen will trigger the free spins feature.Thunder Screech Bonus FeaturesThe game comes in with 3 bonus features such as call feature, strike feature and the most awaited free spins feature.Call featureThis feature is triggered on any random spin and when that happens it will add 5 and 9 wilds on your reels.Strike featureThis feature can also get triggered on any random spin and it will then replace regular wilds to Thunder Wilds. It will also offer you 1x, 2x or 3x multiplier. This feature can be re-triggered.Free Spins featureLand scatters on reel 1, 3 and 5 to trigger the free spins feature and to get 5 free spins initially. All wilds will be upgraded to thunder wilds during this period of time.Where to Play

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Magical Breathing Exercises to Practice While Playing Poker Online

Breathing exercises inculcate calming sensation and energize the mind and body of the individuals. Unlike the poker that is being played in the casinos, for playing poker online, you need a calm and composed mindset. A poker player knows the real worth of the brain. Stress is the biggest enemy of any poker player. Bluffing, which is a key strategy of all successful poker players is an integral factor responsible for winning of any poker tournament.  

Experts and veterans in the field have said that indulging in certain breathing exercises can be useful for online poker players. Breath in and breath out – that’s the mantra of keeping your mind and other senses in control. So, if your target is to play for real money poker then making logical decisions is the key to success.  

Here’re a few exercises. Trying them out may give you some positive result. Practice the in and out exercise and enhance your mind skills more.  

Small inhale-exhale 

In this exercise, you need to rapidly inhale and exhale the breath through the nose. While playing poker online if you follow the bellows breath option, you’ll get a relaxed environment around you. Keep in mind the sync your breath with equal duration. This will also help you increase your awareness and think positively around you to help you make logical decisions.  

Long inhale-exhale 

This exercise is popularly known as the ocean’s breath. Here you need to follow the exact opposite of what you’ve been doing in the previous one. You can inhale the breath slowly and in a long process. Keep your mouth closed when you do the same. this is particularly helpful in case if you’re playing poker tournaments. This exercise will boost your energy levels and help you to carry on the game without failure of concentration.   

Breath counting 

Close your eyes and take a few long breaths. Then let the breath come out naturally. Keep counting the breaths that you exhale. If you’re wondering what good would it do, then please note that this will definitely increase your concentration level. this is a sort of meditation. You need to be really into the game to keep counting the breaths. You can randomly practice this exercise whenever you’re free because a calm and focused mind is necessary to become a poker veteran.  

Deep breathing exercise 

When you’re engaged in real money poker, the game becomes very stressful and less entertaining. Since a lot of money is at stake, hence the fear of losing will always be present at the back of your mind. Practicing the deep breathing exercise 5 mins before your start the game every time will help you relax your nerves and mind. There will definitely be no panic attack in case you’re into this exercise.  

Online poker in India has become a profession nowadays. If you’re willing to adopt this as a profession, practicing the games and getting hold of the necessary exercises will definitely help you go up the ladder.  

Happy Playing !!

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Is Playing Online Poker is Only About Winning Cash Prizes?

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Scientific Games boss gets a new contract, more money

As with everyone else in the gaming industry, Scientific Games suffered hard times last year from COVID-19. However, it was still able to ink new deals to expand its footprint and this may be one of the reasons why the company’s board has decided to hang onto President and CEO Barry Cottle. The Las Vegas-based gaming company announced through a filing (pdf) with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) last Friday that Cottle will remain at the helm for the foreseeable future and gave him a nice boost in salary as a way of showing its appreciation. Scientific Games and Cottle signed an extension of their existing agreement last Thursday. Cottle’s current contract had been good through the end of May and, as of June 1, will now continue for another three years. As long as things don’t take a massive downturn, Cottle will hold his position until May 31, 2024, after which there could be automatic annual extensions until everyone decides that it’s time to move on. Cottle had agreed to take a cut in pay to help the company overcome the coronavirus pandemic, foregoing his usual $1.75-million salary. He is also being rewarded for that gesture, with Scientific Games approving a bump up to $1.8 million a year. While agreeing not to receive his salary last year, he still may have been eligible for bonuses, which were reportedly as much as 350% of that base salary. The gaming executive’s contract stipulates a bonus of 100% for reaching target goals and 250% for certain long-term incentive opportunities. It isn’t clear how much, if any, of the bonuses were paid last year. In addition to the increased salary and the bonuses, Cottle will also receive 50,000 restricted stock units, which will be vested in “substantially equal installments on each of May 31, 2022, 2023 and 2024.”Cottle has been at the helm of Scientific Games since June 2018. That was when the company’s former CEO, Kevin Sheehan, stepped down after steering the ship for just two years. He came over to the gaming industry from the cruise ship business, having served as the CEO of Norwegian Cruise Line Holdings for seven years before joining Scientific Games. Prior to his promotion, Cottle had served as the CEO of Scientific Games subsidiary SG Interactive.As the second half of 2020 unfolded, Scientific Games started to see some positive gains. In September, the company was trading at around $18.97, a substantial improvement over the $4.09 it registered last March. Throughout the last quarter of last year and into the first two months of this year, the company has continued to push upward and, as of last Friday, was trading at $47.18. That’s not quite up there with its all-time high of $60.20 from May 2018, but it’s getting closer.

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Is There Such Thing as a Beginner’s Luck?

Whether you’ve been gambling for a while now or have never placed any bet before, you most likely have already heard of the term beginner’s luck. If you’ve never gambled, you’re most likely hoping that you get that stroke of luck to win any casino game. However, is there such a thing?
Many people who don’t have any experience in gambling would scout different casino media sites like Cassinowhizz.com to get tips and to know which casino sites have the highest payouts. However, there are a few who would go to a casino site blindfolded and would heavily rely on their luck.
It’s perfectly fine to believe in beginner’s luck especially if you’re thinking about gambling. It does happen and you probably have friends or acquaintances who swear by this.
What is Beginner’s Luck?
If you look this up on Google, it’s interesting how there is a Wikipedia page for this. Wiki defines this as a phenomenon for beginners or newbies to experience a disproportionate frequency of success, especially against expert players.
Beginner’s luck is said to occur when a player is new to a game or if the mindset of the player is not yet concerned about the nuances of the game that they are playing. If you don’t have any serious knowledge of a casino game just yet, then you can still experience this type of luck.
However, some people see this differently. Some would say that this is only applicable to the first game or the first few games that you play. Some would also that there could be beginner’s luck if you’re new to a casino. And so, if you’ve never played on Australian online casinos before, then you may still have beginner’s luck on these sites.
Are There Particular Games that You Should Play?
This term is now used on anything that a person is unfamiliar with, but it is still typically associated with gambling. There is no specific game to play to experience this phenomenon, but stories involving this likely involve the game of slots.
The thing about slot machines is that it’s all about your luck. You can’t exactly develop a strategy in playing this game. You can choose slot machines with high RTPs but there is nothing you can do to manipulate the outcome of this game.
This could still happen in table games like Blackjack and Poker but it’s easy to explain why novice players who win this usually win big. If a player isn’t knowledgeable about the game that they are playing, they are more likely to place risky bets. This is because they can’t comprehend the risks of the bets that they are placing.
Meanwhile, expert players have a lot of things in mind when playing the game. Their moves are calculated and they most likely avoid high-risk bets. And so, novice players can get those exciting wins, which we will then call the beginner’s luck.
Is This Backed by Science and Statistics?
A direct answer to this is no, no science can back its existence. You may see some numbers that might make it seem that it exists, but there’s no solid study about this yet. And so, beginner’s luck is still classified as a belief.
There was a Norwegian study that involved over 4,000 gamblers that found 55 percent of high-risk players have said that they experienced beginner’s luck. Meanwhile. only 21 percent of not at-risk players said that they also did.
This is why this type of luck can be associated with problematic gambling behaviors. It’s easy to understand why. Winning can feel the urge to place more bets and if one experiences this phenomenon, he or she may keep on believing that not learning about a game could make them win more. They could be blinded by this and just keep on playing with a blindfold.
If you ask around, you’ll probably find gamblers who would tell you that they eventually lost the money they won because of beginner’s luck. When you’re new to casino gaming, it’s so easy to get so worked up on your first win. Some would get too excited that they ended up betting away their first big win.
This is why these gamblers would kindly advise newbies to back away once they win a decent amount. Many are already doing this that the story of beginner’s luck is still very much alive. Overall, it’s hard to say that there is such a thing, but it’s perfectly fine to believe in this. Just make sure that it won’t negatively impact how you gamble moving forward.
Feb 8, 2021Jason Frakk

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Lottery App Blog

The alternatives we mentioned feature not only the UK National Lottery app, but also lotto sites that have the required licenses to run their own lottery. Speaking of that, we would like to advise you that all sites and apps that you see in this guide are fully regulated and licensed by the UK Gambling Commission or other government authorities, such as the Malta Gaming Authority.

UK’s National Lottery App
When it comes to lottery for UK players, it doesn’t get better when they have the choice of using the National Lottery app. It combines all of the available draws that are legal in the country into one cohesive platform where you can buy tickets and look at the results with easy anywhere you are.
This lottery app UK players can access has around 10 different draws that you can enter with a ticket. Of course, you have the standard lotto that draws every Saturday, EuroMillions, which is the highest paying out of all, and the next very famous one is Thunderball.
The UK National Lottery app also features Pick 3, Set for Life, Health Lottery, Lotto HotPicks, EuroMillions HotPicks, Irish Lotto and your Local Lotto events. They are easy to identify and enter as the user interface is simple, clean and also features great graphics.
How to Use the National Lottery App
While for some people this may be very easy to do and understand, we would still like to give you a short step by step guide on how to work with the UK National Lottery app. Below is a shortlist that is easy to follow and it only takes a few minutes to set up.

Download the National Lottery app
Create and confirm your account
Choose the lottery you want to participate in
Pick your numbers
Check after the draw if you win a reward

As you can see, it’s simple and straightforward. The National Lottery app UK players can use can be accessed anywhere and at any time. It works with any modern mobile device that is running a recent iteration of iOS or Android. Alternatively, you can always use the website of the UK National Lottery and check if you have won there.
Types Lotteries Available to UK Players
As we mentioned, there is a wide range of draws that you can enter through your lottery app. The prizes for all of them are quite substantial, which can vary from a £500 daily draw up to a massive £60 million + grand jackpot that can be accessed through the National Lottery app and picking EuroMillions.
In order to help our readers who have never opened the lottery app, we have created a list with all available draws to UK players. We have also listed their highest prizes, but don’t let that skew your viewpoint. The draws with lower prizes offer more frequent games and a wider audience that gets rewarded. Here is what is available in the UK National Lottery app:

UK Lotto (£5 Million + Prize Pool)
EuroMillions (Over £59 Million Jackpot)
Thunderball (£500,000 Jackpot)
Pick 3 (Multiple Daily Draws with £500 Reward)
Set for Life (Rewards of £10,000 per Month for 1 or 30 years)
Health Lottery (£100,000 Jackpot)
Lotto HotPicks (Up to £350,000 Prize Pool)
EuroMillions HotPicks (£1,000,000 Top Prize)
Irish Lotto (Over €7 million Jackpot Reward)
Local Lottery (£25,000 Prizes That You Can Pick Up Locally)

There are also some unique prizes, such as the ones that you can get from having a winning ticket for Set for Life. There are two grand prizes that every UK player wants to get from this draw. One of them is winning a reward of £10,000 per month for a whole year! This totals at £1.2 million in the end!
Of course, there is a larger prize than that. You can win £10,000 per month for life, hence why the draw is called Set for Life. Of course, it’s not really for your whole lifetime, as the real timeframe in which you will be getting the money is 30 years. That is simply astounding!
Top 5 Lottery App Sites for UK Players

Except for the National Lottery app UK players can access, there are other alternatives out there to consider. There are many lotto sites that either host their own draws or act as another platform to use for managing your National Lottery tickets. Of course, you can find much more on these platforms too.
In the table below we have given you the best lotto sites in the UK as well as listed some important information about them. Bear in mind that all operators in the table are completely safe and secure because they are licensed by the UK Gambling Commission. Here are the top 5 lotto sites that have their own lottery app:

As you can see from our table above, these sites feature a lot of lottery games, not only national UK ones. Of course, each operator has its own dedicated lottery app, so that you can manage your account on the go. They can be great alternatives if you are looking to get more out of your method of choice.
You may have also noticed that these lottery app UK sites have some kind of promotion or offer on display for their members. It’s always a good idea to take advantage of such bonuses as they are a great way to give yourself a boost when starting out.
History of Lottery in the UK
Lottery can find its roots thousands of years ago to the time of the Great Wall of China. It is believed that the first-ever lotto type game was held there before the construction of the wall. As the government needed financial assistance from the people, a “drawing of wood” game was held, where the winner got a good prize.
This is mentioned in the “Book of Songs” in the period between 205 and 187 BC. The practice of this lotto game was applied through many more situations later in the years as the government needed the aid of the citizens for challenging endeavours, such as the Great Wall of China. If you are interested in finding out more about this, check out our overview of the history of lottery.
Final Thoughts About Lottery App Sites
Lottery is a very easy way to gamble. All you need to do is buy a ticket and wait for the time when the numbers will be drawn. Of course, the most convenient and fast way to do this is through the use of the National Lottery app. This allows you to manage your lotto account anywhere you are.
There are many alternative sites that have their own lottery app UK players can access on their devices. Since lotto is a form of gambling and due to its simplicity its considered as a gateway to other forms of it. That’s why it’s a great idea to check out our list of the best casino sites in the UK and find your next favourite gambling place.
As our lottery app UK guide is coming to an end, we would like to showcase to you the most popular queries that people have. Hopefully, reading through all questions and the answers that we have given will better your knowledge when it comes to the National Lottery app and its alternatives.

🤔 Is the National Lottery app free?
Yes, the UK National Lottery app is free to download and use. Of course, tickets to enter the draws have to be paid. Fortunately, there are sometimes free lotto draws, which you can enter, but you will have to keep an eye on the platform and read the terms and conditions.
🥇 What is the best lottery app?
The best mobile lotto app to use as a UK player is the National Lottery app. It is your best choice as it combines all types of UK lotteries in one cohesive platform. It is easy to navigate and purchase tickets.
🎊 Which lottery is easiest to win?
The easiest lotto to win in the UK is the National Lottery. We have compared it to all other types of UK lotteries and it comes out on top with its great 1:9.3 odds of winning. Of course, this doesn’t mean that the other types are not worth your time. We strongly recommend giving them a chance as well, as they offer other unique rewards.
❓ How do you play the National Lottery online?
Buying a ticket and entering the lottery is a pretty straight forward and relaxed action. Of course, there are steps that you need to take beforehand in order to have access to that. That’s why we have created a short National Lottery app guide where you can follow a few easy steps and get your tickets.
💻 Which is the best lottery app site?
There are many alternatives to the UK National Lottery app. You have online operators that have created gambling platforms with multiple lotto games and some even offer more than that, such as online casino games. Check out our best lottery app sites in the UK list and make sure you claim the promotions.

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วิธีสร้างเพื่อนและคิดถึงผู้คน: Craps Protocol 101

An in-depth overview of how to play Joker Poker

One of the most popular online casino games, Joker Poker, is a video poker game that is also known as ‘Joker Wild.’ This game is readily available at every casino, in-person and online too. In this game, the objective of the players is to try to get the best possible poker hand. What makes this game even more fun is that it involves skill and is not based on pure chance. The player has some control over the outcome. Some other video poker games like this are ‘Jacks or Better’ and ‘Deuces Wild.’ All of them are quite similar to each other, with just a few distinctions. Joker Poker is a variation of ‘Jacks or Better,’ and the only difference between them is the presence of the wild card – the Joker in Joker Poker. There are so many variations of video poker so that the concept never gets old, and players never get bored of them. 

In this article, we will focus on Joker Poker and if you are interested in the game or want to become a better player, then, read on further. 
The Wild Card in Joker Poker
As mentioned above, Joker Poker has an additional card, which is the Wild Joker. The presence of this wild card changes the standard deck of cards from 52 to 53. Due to this, the rules of this video poker game also becomes different from that of ‘Jacks or Better.’ 

The advantage of the Wild Joker card is that the player can replace any card with it to create a better hand. This makes the Wild Joker card the strongest card in the deck. With the five cards that a player is dealt with, the aim is to try to get the best hand. When you have the Wild Joker card, it makes it easier for the player to land the strongest Poker hand with which they can probably even win the game.

Joker Poker: How to play?
Joker Poker, like every other video Poker game, follows the same format. You have to insert money, and it gets converted into credits depending on the denomination of the gaming machine. Suppose, if you are playing on a quarter machine ($0.25) and you insert $100, it gets converted to 400 credits. When you play on a dollar machine, the $100 will be 100 credits only.

After this, you have to decide how many credits you want to use on a single hand, ranging between 1 and 5, but if you want to win, you should always choose five credits. You ask why? Let’s get into the explanation.

In any video Poker game, a royal flush is the biggest jackpot. A royal flush entails the 10, jack, queen, king, and ace of a single suit. This will have a payout of 200 to 1, but if you have used five credits, then you get a payout of 800 to 1. That is a big difference and makes up for risking the credits to a very high payout percentage. Payback percentage is the amount of money that the casino is expected to pay you back on each of your bets statistically. Thus, you should always make the bet which offers you the highest payback percentage when everything else is equal. The chances of acquiring a royal flush are very low. It occurs about once every 40,000 hands, even with a wild joker card. 

After choosing the credits, the game machine deals with a five-card hand. Now, it’s your choice to keep or discard any card in your hand. Thus, you get a total of 32 possible ways to play each hand, which puts you on the steering wheel of this game. You are offered an expected return on each possible way of playing each hand. This is why Joker Poker employs skill much more than luck and makes the game even more interesting and fun to play. 

The more mistakes you make, the lesser your payout percentage is. After you have chosen the cards you want to keep, the game deals you replacement cards for the cards you have thrown away, and based on the paytable in the game; it pays you off. The paytables vary from machine to machine in Joker Poker. Let’s take a look at the poker hands rankings that you are highly likely to find on most of the paytables in Joker Poker. This ranking is in ascending order:
Pair of Jacks or Higher – like having two QueensTwo Pair – a hand with two cards of the same rank, like, two 10s.Three of a Kind – a hand with three cards of the same rank, like three 5s.Straight – a hand having consecutive cards (2,3,4,5,6)Flush – a hand having all cards with the same suit such as hearts, clubs, diamonds, or spaces.Full House – a hand with a pair of cards and three of a kind such as three Kings and two 10sPoker – a hand has four cards with the same rank, like four Queens.Straight Flush – both straight and flush hand. For example, 5,6,7,8,9 with the same suit.Royal Flush – a hand having cards of the same suit starting from 10, Jack, Queen, King, to finally Ace.
The best strategies in Joker Poker
There are many strategies in Joker Poker that can help you win a lot and even the biggest jackpot. But there is no foolproof strategy that guarantees you the win because although Joker Poker is a skill-based game mostly, it is also dependent on luck to a great extent. So, you should try to implement the basic strategy. If you follow one rule, you will have much higher chances of winning in this video Poker game, and that is, you must never discard the Wild Joker card. 
If you have ever played ‘Jacks or Better,’ you shouldn’t have too much of a problem playing Joker Poker, and it is an easy enough game to learn with a few tips and tricks. The payout of this game is reasonably good, and thus, you should definitely learn and play it. 

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Niharika Bindra, APT #43 Sunday Major Winner

The Asian Poker Tour finally came back to India, to the online felts of PokerBaazi back in January. Being one of the most prestigious online poker series ever in the country, the series boasted an incredible INR 8 Crores in guarantees.
The series received overwhelming support from the industry, with players helping crush even the biggest of guarantees! We saw the biggest professionals from the country battle it out on the online felts of PokerBaazi and got some new faces taking down some massive guarantees! One such new face was Niharika Bindra, who shipped the massive APT #43 Sunday Major 30 Lakhs GTD event and earned herself a payout of INR 6.53 Lakhs!
Niharika Bindra Poker Interview
PokerShots got in touch with Niharika and asked her about her poker journey and the slow and steady growing number of female players in the Indian poker scene!
PS: Niharika, tell us a bit about yourself as a person. Your age, family background and what you are upto right now!
NB: I’m a 35 year old aquarian who was born and brought up in Delhi. I finished my schooling in the hills of Himachal at The Lawrence School Sanwar and then went on to study Business in college.
PS: How did you start your poker journey? When did you first pick up the game?
NB: I started playing in college when some friends introduced the game to me, and it was instant love. My winning curve started much later after I had paid the price to learn the game by losing many sessions.
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PS: Congratulations on winning the Sunday Major! Tell us some excerpts from your grind!
NB: Initially, I had a pretty big stack but towards the last 30 people I became very short, even entered the final table as one of the shortest stacks, going down to 5-6 blinds more than once. But I just kind of held on and waited for the right spot and luckily things started to go my way. I won some crucial flips, got some folds and gave a bad beat, as you do. It’s all part of the game. Once we were three-handed, things ended pretty quickly. I think the heads-up against ‘Ziigmund’ lasted only 3-4 hands!
PS: How does your family feel about you playing poker?
NB: Initially they were very apprehensive about me playing professionally. But now, it has been many years and they understand that poker is a mind sport and not mindless gambling. They see me putting in long hours and playing almost everyday and honestly, now they want to learn how to play as well! They are my constant rail at all the events that I have been a part of, that have been streamed online and are an amazing support system.
PS: There are not many female poker players in the Indian circuit, although that number is beginning to grow. What would you like to say to other female poker players who want to understand and play the game of poker?
NB: If your heart tells you that you want to become a poker player then take the leap of faith. You need to do what makes you happy and what you will be good at. And if that’s poker, don’t be too afraid to try it. Study, practice, play. There is so much information out there today, so much study material including videos, books or podcasts. When I learned the game back in my college days, there was barely any of this information out there. So use it wisely and you will love poker as much as I do!
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PS: It’s been a pretty good journey so far. What are your future aspirations when it comes to playing poker?
NB: Hopefully to go ahead and win a World Series Of Poker bracelet! I mean which poker player doesn’t dream of that!
Niharika Bindra has been quite active on the online poker felts. She has now crossed over INR 55 Lakhs in lifetime poker earnings and is laddering up on that total steadily! One of the best things about being the social media side of this industry is the ability to promote countless talents coming through the ranks in India and Niharika is certainly one of those players!
On 6th February, she again ran deep in the INR 12 Lakhs GTD The Weekly Highroller on PokerBaazi and ended up finishing in second place for a payout of INR 2.65 Lakhs!
It’s great to see her doing well and PokerShots wishes her all the best for future events! For more information about the Indian poker industry and poker interviews with some of the best poker players in the country, keep reading PokerShots!

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