The UKGC needs to Take Aim at Sites Targeting Problem Gamblers

At the beginning of last week, the regulator for the gambling industry in the United Kingdom the Gambling Commission, announced a package of changes that licensed online operators are required to implement by the 31st October 2021.
The aim of said changes are according to the UKGC, to make online games safer by design and include the removal of features such as the autoplay facility, on all online slot games offered to UK players.
Other measures which operators are required to implement include removing sounds or imagery which could by their very design give the illusion of a win, when in fact the amount returned is equal or less than the bet staked.
Additionally the UKGC have confirmed that the temporary removal of the reverse withdrawal facility has been permanent which is to be welcomed, removing at a stroke the ability for players to play back funds which they had originally decided to withdraw.
However, for the vast majority of players the removal of the autoplay feature will reduce the enjoyment of playing slot games online. The Gambling Commission are quite clear as to why they are implementing these changes, despite the fact that there are now plentiful facilities available to players to control their spend with online casinos. The setting of daily or weekly deposit limits are one such measure.
These measures though for some do not go far enough, with certain sections of the mainstream media and opponents of gambling in general, holding the view that the UKGC are kowtowing to the gambling companies, with the introduction of bet limits not having been introduced.
But do not be surprised if draconian measures such as these actually do  come into being later in the year, especially as there is an ongoing review of the Gambling Act in its current form.
Non Gamstop Sites need Action taken Against Them
We have covered here on Casinomeister over the past 2 years the practice of certain ‘affiliate’ sites targeting a wide array of Gamstop related terms. Gamstop of course being the self exclusion service that all licensed UK online gambling operators have to sign up to, thus allowing players residing in the UK to self exclude from all licensed UK operators via the Gamstop web site.
Indeed when announcing the 2020 Casinomeister Awards last week on Tuesday 2nd February, we bestowed upon affiliate sites that target problem gamblers our illustrious ‘Bag of Dicks Award‘.
The Gambling Commission for some reason or another continue to ignore the practice of affiliate sites that provide lists of online casinos which are not only operating outside the jurisdiction of the UK, but in the case of some of the affiliate sites, they are owned by individuals that reside within the UK.
By going after and taking action against sites which promote these rogue offshore casinos, that in most instances willingly take players who have signed up with Gamstop, the UKGC will in turn be taking positive and decisive action in promoting responsible gambling.
Should anyone from the Gambling Commission come across this article, they could start with the site, which not only promotes known rogue casinos such as Red Lion Casino, but also is run by individuals based and residing in the UK. Well within the reach of the UK’s regulator of gambling!
Such decisive action will not only help protect those individuals who recognise they have a problem by signing up with Gamstop in the first place. But by taking action against these sites, it will help ensure that if and when these players have a lapse, the taking down of these sites targeting problem gamblers, will help ensure that said players cannot give in to the temptation of their addiction.

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วิธีสร้างเพื่อนและคิดถึงผู้คน: Craps Protocol 101

Alabama Lawmakers Discuss Sports Gambling Legalization

Alabama lawmakers discuss a House Bill to legalize sports betting in the state while locals express their mixed emotions.
This is not the first time a bill like that causes discussion in the lines of the state’s lawmakers but this might be the first time it passes through the Legislature.
If players want to bet on their favorite Alabama sports teams, they need to travel to Tennessee or Mississippi, however Rep. John Rogers of Birmingham introduced House Bill 161 that, if approved, will allow betting on both collegiate and professional sporting events, as well as other authorized competitions in the state.
Many states are looking to legalize sports betting that is currently only allowed in 20 states, including Washington D.C. and Tennessee where the sports gambling legalization effort kicked off in 2018.
Rep. Rick Staples is responsible for the introduction of the bill, that contains provisions for the regulation and taxation of the local wagering market.
The decision was up to state’s communities, that were able to decide whether they wanted sports betting to be legalized in their respective regions via local elections.
In the first month of Tennessee’s legal wagering, more than $2 million of tax revenue was generated by the state.
Mixed Emotions
However, in Alabama the potential legalization of the gambling practice causes mixed emotions.
According to Jessica German, who supports legal sports betting, Alabama can too benefit from additional good revenue. She added: “Other states are seeing a lot of benefits from it. There’s not a right or wrong answer to it so I believe that money could be earmarked for education, health programs, or even road constructions”.
Meanwhile Matthew Jason Sherrod believes that the financial benefits are very important for the local economy but he also thinks that sports betting will mess up the integrity of sports.
He added: “If they took the profits and did something good with it that would help the next generations, then it would be ok. But the only problem that I feel with it, is that it corrupts the game. Once you have all these people once the odds getting going, this, that, and the other, games have been manipulated ruining the sport that Americans love to watch”.
While legal sports betting is still discussed in Alabama, a Georgia bill recently cleared first major hurdle. Last week, a state House committee approved the legislation.
The new bill is expected to give the Georgia Lottery Corporation oversight powers for six or more vendors. There is also no need for voters to approve a new Constitutional Amendment since the measure looks to sports betting to the existing lottery system.
Source: “House Bill proposes legalizing sports betting in AL; locals have mixed emotions”, Waff 48, February 6, 2021


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Yokohama tries to convince public that integrated resorts are good

The Japanese city of Yokohama has a steep hill to climb if it hopes to stay in the integrated resort bidding competition. Hoping to convince the public that it’s still worth it, the town’s leaders recently held it’s first of six public briefings to explain why an IR is worth it.“We hope that you will understand the various attractions of an IR, the job creation, positive impact on Yokohama’s economic development and the contribution to the city’s finances,” said Deputy Mayor Toshihide Hirahara.“I believe that this will be one of the sparks needed for economic recovery after coronavirus,” he added.Of the questions that the public asked included how much revenue the city can expect to gain from an IR. City officials responded that 15% of the casino’s revenue would go toward the city, as well as entry fees for Japanese citizens. On top of that, with the added jobs and business that an IR would bring, tax revenues would surely increase.Yokohama continues to push ahead with their plans for an IR bid, despite heavy public opposition. A vocal portion of the public have expressed their concerns of the negative effects a casino might bring, and have demanded the city drop out of the race. Mayor Fumiko Hayashi has decided not to allow a public referendum on the topic, instead opting to publicize the benefits of an IR. Her detractors aren’t happy with this route, and have started a recall campaign to end the mayor’s career, and the bid.Although Yokohama’s government has shown no intention of dropping out of the race, its hard to imagine their bid will impress the central government with so much opposition. Wynn Resorts have announced that while they are still interested in a Japanese IR, they have no interest in the drama that’s happening in Yokohama.Yokohama has five more tries to convince the public that they should settle down and get serious about an IR bid. The remaining meetings will be held by March 14.

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Golden Nugget Online Gaming Says 2020 GGR Tops $100 Million, Highlights Fast Michigan Start

Posted on: February 8, 2021, 08:11h. 
Last updated on: February 8, 2021, 08:12h.
Golden Nugget Online Gaming (NASDAQ:GNOG) is previewing its 2020 financial results today and the newly public company’s numbers look sturdy.
Golden Nugget boss Tilman Fertitta. Golden Nugget Online says 2020 GGR topped $100 million. (Image: Bloomberg)The iGaming firm is forecasting 2020 gross gaming revenue (GGR) of $101 million to $102 million, up approximately 67 percent from $60.9 million in 2019. Total 2020 revenue is expected to be $90 million to $91 million, a 63 percent increase from 2019. Houston-based GNOG notes the 2020 results are currently unaudited.We are very pleased with yet another year of rapid and profitable growth. 2020 was a transformational year for GNOG, which went public, reached $100 million in GGR and signed market access agreements in multiple states,” said CEO Tilman Fertitta in a statement.The online casino company estimates 2020 operating income will be $23 million to $24 million, or $28 million to $29 million when excluding $4 million to $5 million of costs related to the merger with Landcadia Holdings II. Stripping out those transaction costs, GNOG’s operating income surged approximately 62 percent from $17.6 million in 2019.Last June, Landcadia, a special purpose acquisition company (SPAC) co-owned by Fertitta and investment bank Jefferies, announced plans to merge with GNOG. That transaction paved the way for the iGaming entity to become a publicly traded company.GNOG Strong Start in MichiganGolden Nugget online hasn’t yet set a date for its fourth-quarter earnings report, which will also included full year 2020 numbers. That will be the company’s first profit update following its Dec. 30, 2020 debut as a standalone public entity.Last year, there was ample investor enthusiasm for GNOG. Not only did it come to market via a deal with a blank-check company, but it offers more tangible benefits to investors. Those include its status as a profitable company, a rarity among emerging growth companies. Additionally, Fertitta’s firm is the dominant name among online casino operators in New Jersey.Procuring access to new states is integral to the investment theses for iGaming equities such as GNOG. On that note, the operator, like some of its rivals, is enjoying a strong start in Michigan. Sports betting and iGaming went live in that state late last month and President Tom Winter says GNOG is already notching $2 million in daily internet casino wagers.“Michigan is embracing online gaming at a rapid pace and we anticipate that our business in the Great Lakes State will exceed our earlier expectations,” he said.State OutlookIn addition to Michigan and New Jersey, GNOG is live in Pennsylvania and West Virginia. Last November, Fertitta’s Golden Nugget reached a deal with Wilmot Gaming to build a casino in Danville, Ill., giving GNOG market access to the fifth-largest state.Golden Nugget, which is also in the midst of a merger with a SPAC, operates five land-based casinos in Louisiana, Mississippi, Nevada and the Garden State.As for new market access, the Pelican and Magnolia states are sensible locations for expansion of GNOG’s online sportsbook. Mississippi already allows sports wagering, but it hasn’t yet signed off on truly mobile betting. Louisiana voters approved sports betting last November, but the first legal wagers there likely won’t be placed until 2022.In late morning trading, GNOG shares are slightly lower despite the upbeat financial preview.


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Win Tournament Tickets in the partypoker Predator Hunt

February 08, 2021
Matthew Pitt

Hunting down partypoker “predators” earns you $22 tickets to the site’s Daily Legends tournament sporting the same name.
The $22 Predator is one of the most popular tournaments on the Daily Legends schedule. It runs Monday through Saturday at 5:05 p.m. GMT and features a $30,000 guaranteed prize pool.
That in itself is worth playing in the Predator, but the Predator Hunt promotion adds even more value. Up to 19 specially selected “predators” will frequent The Predator during the week and these 19 stars have an extra bounty on their heads in addition to the tournament’s bounty.
Here’s what you have to do in order to win!
Eliminate one of the 19 predators from The PredatorTake a screenshot of the knockoutUpload this screenshot to Twitter, ensuring you tag @partypokerReceive your $22 Predator ticket reward within 24 hours once your KO is verified
Will You Become partypoker’s Legend of the Week?

Eliminate These Predators From The Predator Tournament
NameScreen name

Pamela BalzanoPamsi

Santiago GonzálezKirbyPop

Jacobo MontoyaSoyPez

Cristian UCristian U

BabysharkBabyShark 1kk


Igor NikolsDzirt2014

Дмитрий Кухтаревspr32



Day Kotoviezydaykotoviezy

Louise Butlerlou045

Carl FrochCarl_Froch

Matt StaplesMatthewStaples

Jaime Staplesjaimestaples

Dowgh Santosgigife

Leonardo Mantovaniookina

Azam Khodzhaevkhodzhaev_azam

Score Some Huge Knockouts in partypoker’s Big Bounty Hunters
There’s further value to the promotion in the shape of the Predator Hunt Leaderboard. Earn one leaderboard point for each predator you send to the rail, be one of the top five points earners at the end of the week to receive another $22 Predator ticket.
Help Yourself To Up To $30 Worth of MTT and SPINS Tickets
You’re going to need a partypoker account if you want to help yourself to some of the incredible value on offer.
Head there right now if you already have an account, or download partypoker via PokerNews if you don’t have an account.
Deposit $10 to receive $10 in tickets over the course of a week:
Day 1: 2x $1 SPINS tickets + 1x $3.30 MTT ticketDay 2: 4x $0.25 SPINS ticketsDay 4: 1x $3.30 MTT ticketDay 6: 4x $0.25 SPINS tickets
Deposit $20 and receive $30 worth of tickets over the course of a week:
Day 1: 1x $5 SPINS ticket + 1x $3.30 MTT ticketDay 2: 2x $1 SPINS ticket + 1x $5.50 MTT ticketDay 4: 1x $5.50 MTT ticketDay 6: 2x $3 SPINS tickets + 1x$3.30 MTT ticket

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You Don’t Need a Huge Bankroll to Become partypoker’s Legend of the Week

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ความกังวลเกี่ยวกับ Coronavirus สำหรับ Cirsa Gaming Corporation SA

Line check-shoving with the nut flush draw

PokerStars – 15$ sit n go, regular speed Holdem – 8 playersHand converted by PokerTracker 4MP+1 (MP+1): 54.37 BBCO (CO): 61 BBBTN (BTN): 42.57 BBSB (SB): 38.33 BBHero (BB): 46.97 BBUTG (UTG): 78.93 BBUTG+1 (UTG+1): 71.57 BBMP (MP): 56.27 BB8 players post ante of 0.13 BB, SB posts SB 0.5 BB, Hero posts BB 1 BBDealt to Hero: Ah, 4hfold, UTG+1 calls 1 BB, fold, fold, fold, BTN raises to 3 BB, fold, Hero calls 2 BB, UTG+1 calls 2 BBFlop (10.57 BB, 3 players): 3h, Jd, 8hHero checks, UTG+1 bets 10.57 BB, BTN calls 10.57 BB, Hero raises to 43.83 BB and is all-in, fold, BTN calls 28.87 BB and is all-inI chose to shove over two opponents because the pot was 31 BB and I had a remaining 43. I feel like i have the required pot odds if i am called even by one of the two guys and i was afraid that if i just called and didn’t hit my flush i would be forced to call a little smaller than pot sized bet without the required odds, while if i did hit my flush chances i am getting paid are decreasing.what is your opinion on my shove semi bluff? I used to raise/shove here all the time but lately i am starting to question this. Would you rather call on the flop and reevaluate on the turn?how would you act in a different SPR spot?thanks in advance

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คาสิโนtrue wallet ไม่มีขั้นต่ำ

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Riga City Council closes another six slot halls

An additional six slot halls in Riga are being forced to close up shop after the City Council decided to cancel the facilities operating licenses. The venues are in violation of the new urban planning rules of the city. Unfortunately, the gaming sites are located in housing areas or close to the protection zone of the historic center.
Revoking Licensing
Gambling legislation in Latvia gives local government the right to revoke gambling licensing. This includes betting shops, gambling facilities, casinos, and bingo halls. The license can be taken away if officials feel the facility will harm residents of the local area or the nation in general.

This recent order was issued by the Security, Public Order and Corruption Prevention Committee. With this move, it brings the number of closures in Riga to 43. Any operator with licensing currently will see the option expire in five years.
New Gaming Experience
Politicians in the city want to see a new gaming experience offered in Riga. They only want facilities operating in four or five-star hotels. If this were to happen, then around 200 gambling facilities would shut down in the region.
Only a select few casinos would be allowed to stay in business. This would include the Olympic Voodoo Casino which is located at the Radisson Blu and the Shangri La Casino in Kempinski Hotel.
Riga began its fight against gambling back in 2011. The City Council decided to stop awarding new casino licenses at that time. By 2017, the first portion of gambling venue closures took place. A total of 42 facilities were shut down at that time.

latviarigaRiga City Councilslot hall closures


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Keeping Emotions in Check when Gambling Online

Some say there’s nothing more relaxing than spending an hour or two playing online casino games at home. True in some cases, but most online gamblers hit online casinos with a way more than relaxation in mind.Excitement, risk, fear of the unknown, elation, euphoria, tension, anxiety – all far more commonplace when gambling online than blissful relaxation.If you’ve never experienced the thrill of striking it lucky with the roll of a dice or the turn of a card, it’s hard to understand the joy of the whole thing. Even if it’s a modest prize you’re pocketing, there’s something uniquely intoxicating about casino gaming in general.As in literally intoxicating – studies having shown that gambling releases the same chemicals in the brain associated with love, chocolate and even some types of recreational drugs.Without the thrill and excitement of the whole thing, online gambling would be a pretty mundane experience. But at the same time, it can be difficult not to let your emotions get the better of you from time to time. At which point, it becomes difficult to make the kinds of rational and objective decisions needed to stay safe and protect your bankroll.Emotional ResilienceThis is where resilience to emotions pays dividends, enabling you to stay in control and remain rational at all times. Resilience in this instance refers to three different types of resilience – physical, psychological and financial:Physical ResilienceAs the name suggests, physical resilience refers to keeping yourself in a sound enough physical state to watch over your best interests when gambling online. Avoiding gambling when feeling tired or under the weather, taking regular breaks, eating well, staying hydrated and so on – all essential for keeping your emotions and decisions in check when gambling online.Psychological ResilienceThis is where things get a little more difficult, as it’s up to you to draw the line between the rational and irrational. It means carefully questioning the bets you place before to place them, considering whether you’re starting to feel any negative emotions and acknowledging how emotions can affect your decision-making capacity. It’s essentially about becoming a more conscientious and thoughtful player, rather than gambling on instinct or compulsively.Financial ResilienceBy far the easiest of the three – financial resilience simply means putting measures in place to ensure you never wager money you cannot afford to lose.  Carefully consider your bankroll, allocate a budget and under no circumstances spend a penny more. Irrespective of the winning or losing streak your may be on, your budget should be finite and non-negotiable.Dealing with the HighsSpeaking of winning streaks, you’d be forgiven for thinking that no harm could possibly come from a period of ridiculously good fortune. Spin after spin, roll after roll, you don’t seem to be able to put a foot wrong. Your bankroll and the smile on your face grow with each wager – how could this possibly be a bad thing?It’s easy – positive eventualities like these can be catalysts for greed, overconfidence, laziness and illogical expectations. Your brain is firing on all cylinders and releasing all manner of chemicals, subconsciously making you think you’re invincible. When under normal circumstances, your more logical side would tell you this simply isn’t the case.This is why keeping yourself grounded during even the highest of highs is essential. All winning streaks and lucky spells come to an end eventually – it’s up to you to walk away before yours comes crashing to a halt.Just as it is important to set a budget, it’s also important to establish targets. For example, once you’ve netted a total combined profit of £50, you walk away and come back when you’re a little less giddy.Dealing with the LowsYou’d also think that if there was ever a reason to cut your losses and walk away, it would be a horrific and prolific losing streak. Roll after roll, the dice seems to be loaded entirely against your favour and nothing seems to be going your way.You blow your entire bankroll, you’ve had a shocking run of luck and you’re in a fundamentally terrible mood. At which point, the rational and logical thing to do would be to walk away and try to forget the whole thing ever happened.When in reality, the way the brain reacts to such scenarios will most likely motivate you to chase your losses. You might be convinced that if you just keep hacking away at it, you’ll eventually recoup at least some of the cash you’ve waxed. Ask anyone who knows a thing or two about casino gaming and they’ll tell you the same – there’s nothing more dangerous than chasing losses.So again, it’s a case of learning how to walk away at the moment your budget has been exhausted – irrespective of how wound up, anxious and angry you feel at the time.A Purely Positive Experience…Something the vast majority of people lose sight of from time to time is the way in which online casino gaming is supposed to be a pursuit of pure pleasure. It’s not about turning a profit, nor is it about frantically placing bets out of frustration alone. Leading gambling authorities worldwide have a collective and unified message that should be heeded by all players:When the fun stops, it’s time to stop.What this means is the moment negative feelings creep into the equation, it’s time to walk away and give yourself time to regroup. Anger, frustration, anxiety, rage, disappointment, depression and so on – all indicators that you are now gambling for emotional purposes, rather than enjoyment.Some people are naturally more predisposed to feelings like these than others, so it’s worth questioning whether you’re even cut out for online gambling at all. Unless you take nothing but pleasure from the pursuit and can keep on top of your emotions, think twice before gambling online. You might also find the following articles interesting:TRENDING POSTS

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Philippines lottery sees lower sales as online cockfighting takes off

Online cockfighting is one of the Philippines solutions to dwindling gambling tax revenues, but could it sabotage another important vertical? The Philippine Charity Sweepstakes Office (PCSO) says they’ve seen lower sales since e-sabong blew up in 2020.Although online cockfighting is still not legal and regulated, it’s increasing in popularity, and PCSO general manager Royina Garma says that’s a problem. “Definitely, lottery sales are affected by online sabong,” Garma said.The problem is that cockfighting itself is typically legal. “As far as I know, [the cockpit is] legal because they have permits from local governments. But online cockfights are illegal,” Garma said.She urged the Philippine National Police, National Bureau of Investigation and local government to go after illegal online offerings. Local governments in particular, who issue permits for cockpits, should investigate if any online offering is coming from their territory. Start looking for webcams, boys!The PCSO is still struggling from a five-month Covid-19 related shutdown, Garma said. She said the charity agency’s revenue collection dropped by 57.68 percent, from P44.02 billion ($92 million) in 2019 to only P18.63 billion ($39 million) last year.There’s likely some truth that with cockfighting available online, less people are going out to buy lottery tickets. However, there’s likely a lot more truth that, with a country still partly shutdown by quarantines, a lot of people are out of work and simply unable to afford a lottery ticket, if they can find an open outlet.Still, if Garma is right, the government is doing everything it can to get cockfighting legalized and taxed as soon as possible. The Philippines House of Representatives have already voted in favor of it, and wait on the Senate to consider the bill.Legalizing cockfighting will not only allow the government to start generating revenue off the activity and stop a mostly fruitless attempt to shut it down, but also open up opportunities abroad. As Philippines Amusement and Gambling Corporation (PAGCOR) chairwoman Andrea Domingo noted in December, they hope the Philippines could become an online leader in cockfighting, offering it to other regions like Latin America and India.

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Best Online Poker Sites For Players From California

There are some hugely popular land based poker rooms in California, and if you live there and do enjoy playing that card game then you will possibly have visited places such as Turlock Poker Room, Towers Casino and Card Room or even Lucky Lady Casino and Card Room.
Lockdowns have of course seen those venues being closed recently, and that has somewhat forced the hand of many a poker player to switch over to playing poker from home either via an online poker site or via a mobile casino app.
According to that there are more than nine poker sites that accepts players from California that allows you to play poker online.
One thing that you will very quickly discover however when you do go searching the web for a poker site or app to play on, is that there are a great many of them, all proclaiming to be the best poker site or app, and trying to work out just which one is worthy of your gaming action can be difficult.
It is with that in mind I have compiled the following guide that will give you an insight into just what you should be demanding for any online poker site you come across and may be thinking of playing at if you do live in or are visiting California any time soon.
Licensed Poker Sites Guarantee Fair Poker Games
Let me start off with the basic when it comes to initially selecting one or more online poker sites at which to play at. The first thing that you do need to make sure of, is that any poker sites you set about comparing online are licensed and regulated.
Three instant benefits come long when you stick to playing at such sites, the first is that you will be guaranteed of fair and random poker games, the second is your funds are always going to be 100% safe and secure, and thirdly you always have the backup of the Gambling Commission that licensed that site if you run into any problem the poker site operator is unable to rectify, which is extremely rare at licensed sites by the way.
Do also look out for those sites that offer a good suite of poker game variants and ones that have a packed daily schedule of both free play and real money tournaments, and make sure you enter some to them too.
Finally, always keep in mind you will need to find a payment method to allow you to deposit and make a winning cash out, and it is important that you are not going to have to pay any additional fees or charges when funding your account or when you make a withdrawal for your account either.
Making Use Of Poker Bonuses And Promotional Offers
As for what other goodies will wait you if you are in California and want to play poker online, well apart from all manner of different poker game tournaments and cash ring games, you are also going to be showered with plenty of bonus offers.
When you sign up to any poker site these days, they will all invite you to make use of their respective sign up welcome bonus offers, the value of which will vary from site to site as too will the terms and conditions attached to such offers and bonuses.
It is important that you familiarize yourself with those terms and conditions as that way you will discover how any bonus is released into your account, and by looking at how each bonus has been structured and designed, you can then make a good judgment call as to whether they are offering you true value too.
Comps are also awarded to real money online poker players, and the more you play not based on how much you lose, then the more comp points you will accumulate and that in turn will then see you being able to exchange them for a high number of playing credits.
Free play poker tournaments are also offered to new and loyal customers of certain poker sites, so keep your eyes peeled for those tournaments, for you will never have to risk any of your own funds to make use of them but could of course win big by entering as many of them as you can do.



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