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And I barely got my buy-in back

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แทงบอล คาสิโน
sa คาสิโน
คาสิโน ออนไลน์ มือถือ
คาสิโนtrue wallet ไม่มีขั้นต่ำ

Posted on 7:19 pm

Yokohama holds inaugural integrated casino resort public briefing

In Japan and officials in the city of Yokohama have reportedly held the first of six online briefings so as to lay out the specific direction of their campaign to win one of the nation’s coming trio of integrated casino resort licenses.
According to a report from Inside Asian Gaming, the inaugural remote seminar was conducted on Saturday afternoon as part of the latest request for proposal (RFP) stage of the giant conurbation’s drive to select a prospective operator for its envisioned Las Vegas-style development. The source detailed that the occasion saw members of the public ask a range of questions including how much revenue such a project would be expected to generate and where this extra cash would go.
Grand plan:
Yokohama is reportedly hoping to be given permission to bring a large gambling-friendly development complete with multiple hotels, exhibition facilities and retail elements to a 116-acre parcel of waterfront land near Yamashita Park. However, this effort to secure one of the three licenses is purportedly set to face local opposition alongside rival bids from a number of other communities including Wakayama Prefecture, Osaka and Nagasaki Prefecture.
Advanced attempt:
The second largest city in Japan with a population of approximately 3.7 million people, Yokohama reportedly kicked off the RFP stage of its casino campaign in December of 2019 and subsequently received concrete operator applications from seven candidates encompassing Galaxy Entertainment Group Limited, Melco Resorts and Entertainment Limited, Genting Singapore Limited, Sega Sammy Holdings Incorporated, Wynn Resorts Limited, Las Vegas Sands Corporation and Japanese firm Shotoku Corporation. But the metropolis was purportedly forced into running this official process again from last October after admitting that its inaugural attempt had failed to take into account the appearance of the coronavirus pandemic.
Timetable target:
These interested operators have now reportedly been given until May 17 to submit their revised RFP pitches with Yokohama subsequently hoping to have picked a preferred partner by the autumn before submitting its completed license application to a panel of federal selectors in advance of an April of 2022 deadline.
Bountiful benefits:
In response to questions concerning revenues from the planned Yokohama integrated casino resort and the city’s Deputy Mayor, Toshihide Hirahara, reportedly told briefing participants that the public purse would receive 15% of casino takings as well as half of all the cash earned from entry fees. He moreover purportedly explained that these funds would subsequently be earmarked to help the community endow local social welfare and cultural programs in addition to anti-problem gambling measures and tourism promotion campaigns.
Reportedly read a statement from Hirahara…
“We hope that you will understand the various attractions of an integrated casino resort, the job creation, positive impact on Yokohama’s economic development and the contribution to the city’s finances. I believe that this will be one of the sparks needed for economic recovery after coronavirus. We need to understand what measures need to be taken to support the future.”


Posted on 7:05 pm

Maria Florides believes affiliates will bounce back in 2021

Gambling Portal Webmasters Association (GPWA) Program Manager Maria Florides has a passion for the world of affiliate marketing. Florides took some time out of her schedule to sit down with Calvinayre.com lead reporter Becky Liggero Fontana to share her thoughts on the future of affiliate marketing in the gambling sector.After more than 15 years in the industry, Florides confesses that she has a passion for a business that she fell into. “I started in customer support for a few years,” she said of her beginnings, but that the night shift pushed her to try other things. “I started working with other companies doing affiliation… I loved looking after all the affiliates,” Florides said.Florides then explains the GPWA is the perfect way to feed her passion for affiliate marketing. The organization was built to offer advice and support to affiliates within the industry. “They’re all getting very interested. The very small affiliates, they come asking for help, advice from us and from the other affiliates in the community,” she added.Watch the full interview as Florides offer advice on how affiliates can expand into LATAM and European markets and gives her thoughts on how affiliates can navigate potential regulation and licensing. And if you haven’t yet, watch all of our videos as they go up by subscribing to the CalvinAyre.com YouTube channel.

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Posted on 6:50 pm

PartyCasino New Jersey Online Casino Review

In March of 2014, PartyCasino opened its virtual doors for the residents of New Jersey, giving them an opportunity to try their luck on a safe and regulated online gambling platform.

Although party was already present in the NJ market, the launch of a new, standalone casino site marked an important milestone for the operator. A fresh interface offering a variety of gaming options, various promotions, and much more, gave players plenty to get excited about.

Party is also one of the legal online poker options in the state. The poker room launched back in 2013 and it’s still active, albeit trailing the competition. The poker room is completely separate from the PartyCasino site.

Sign up to PartyCasino NJ today and claim a deposit match bonus up to $1000! »

PartyCasino NJ Welcome Bonus

Players from New Jersey have a chance to claim a fairly generous welcome bonus when first joining PartyCasino. The offer entails a 100% match on the first real money deposit up to the maximum of $1000 as well as 25 free spins for NetEnt’s classic Starburst slot.

Players can claim it by simply registering an account with NJ PartyCasino and verifying their personal information (name, date of birth, and SSN). The minimum deposit required to claim this offer is $10.

When making their first deposit, players need to use the code WELCOMEBONUS to redeem the offer.

The PartyCasino welcome bonus is subject to wagering requirements of 15x the full amount (deposit and bonus). As for any free spins winnings, these need to be wagered only once before the money is released to the player’s account. To meet the wagering, players can play a majority of games on offer excluding video poker, table games, and certain specifically restricted titles.

PartyCasino NJ Welcome Offer Key Details

Bonus Code
Minimum Deposit
Wagering Requirements
Last Verified

First Deposit Match up to $1000
15x playthrough within 30 days

25 free spins
1x within seven days

Loyalty Program and Rewards

In the competitive online gambling market, casinos wanting to stay on top don’t focus just on attracting new players. They also try to keep their existing customers happy through various loyalty programs that reward their patronage.

PartyCasino New Jersey has kept things pretty straightforward as far as the loyalty scheme is concerned. The VIP program features four different tiers and players can qualify for the next tier based on the amount of points accumulated during a month.

Bronze (starting level)
Silver (50 monthly points)
Gold (750)
Palladium (top tier, requiring 2000 monthly points)

The points’ accumulation happens automatically as players wager real money on different casino games. When playing slots, players will earn one point for every $25 wagered. For baccarat and roulette play, one point is awarded for $125 worth of bets, while play on blackjack is counted at the rate of one point for $250 in bets.

After reaching the Gold status, players can start cashing in their points, exchanging them for straight up money or bonuses. Those who manage to get to the Palladium tier will enjoy even better conversion rates and receive more value for their play.

Casino Game Providers

Party has been part of the iGaming industry for a long time and they’ve secured numerous valuable partnerships with game development companies in this period. Thus, it’s no surprise the casino offers titles from several leading suppliers such as:

Play’n GO
Bit Time Gaming
2by2 Gaming

PartyCasino Mobile App

For those players who prefer playing on their mobile devices, Party offers a couple of options. The online platform can be accessed from a variety of different browsers so users can play on the go from Android and iOS phones without any downloads.

There is also a standalone app available for iPhones and iPads. The app isn’t as comprehensive as the site, though. Players have access to the basic selection of gaming options. However, to enjoy the full scope of PartyCasino, it is pretty much necessary to use the mobile site.

Games on Offer at PartyCasino NJ

Thanks to the cooperation with a great number of game developers, PartyCasino is able to offer a long list of games from different categories.

Currently, there are more than 350 video slots offered on the platform, which is a rather impressive number. The operator is also quite proactive with adding new titles so their gaming library is constantly refreshed. Some of the most popular slots currently on offer include:

Raging Rhino Megaways
300 Shields Extreme
Lost Relics
China Shores
Zeus III

Those looking for options other than slots will find an excellent range of electronic table games as well. PartyCasino New Jersey offers a variety of options in the table games department, including:

Casino Hold’em
Let It Ride
Texas Hold’em Bonus Poker

There is also a quality range of video poker variations that includes titles like Jacks or Better, Double Bonus Poker, Deuces Wild, Destiny Poker, etc.

PartyCasino Live Games

On top of all the electronic games, Party New Jersey also offers a very solid live dealer section. For the players who prefer more lifelike action with actual dealers and physical cards and roulette wheels, this is a great way to try their luck.

The live dealer casino is powered by Rabcat and provides several interesting gaming options like:

American Roulette
Casino Hold’em

The only slight drawback of the live dealer section is that it’s not available around the clock. Every day, there is a three-hour break during which there is no live action. This happens between 5 AM and 8 AM local time, though, so it shouldn’t represent too much of an issue.

Banking Options

PartyCasino offers a variety of convenient options for the players to fund their accounts and withdraw their winnings. With the range of methods on offer, there should be no issues whatsoever in the banking department. As is usual, deposits are instant for the most part while withdrawal times may vary depending on the selected method.

Here’s an overview of payment methods available at PartyCasino New Jersey.

Banking Method

VIP Preferred (ACH / e-checkl)
Up to 5 business days

Not available

Not available

American Express
Not available

Not available

Not available

Up to 5 business days

Up to 5 business days

Electronic transfer
Not available

Up to 5 business days

Check by mail
Not available
Up to 5 business days

Latest News on PartyCasino NJ:

Read more on PartyCasino NJ »

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ไลน์ คาสิโน
คาสิโน sagame350

Posted on 6:44 pm
วิธีสร้างเพื่อนและคิดถึงผู้คน: Craps Protocol 101

Colorado Gambling Industry Expects More Optimistic Future

Although Colorado’s gambling industry suffered significant losses, the casinos in the state keep their hopes up that sports betting is going to compensate for that and that the gaming in Colorado will be completely different in 2021.
Sports betting in Colorado surpassed $1 billion in bets, which justifies the optimism regarding the future of he practice in the state. Soon table games will expand without bet limits.
According to Tim Morrissey, the General Manager of Saratoga Casino Black Hawk Colorado, the property is facing exciting times with the additions of a sportsbook and new table games. He added: “I think we have a lot of strong plans for what the future holds.”
Only Partial Help
However, the city’s lawmakers think that the introduction of sports betting provided only partial help for casinos since Colorado has seen a decrease in collected taxes from its three gaming communities up in the mountains. In the meantime, Gilpin County, home of Central City and Black Hawk – two of the state’s gambling hubs, registered only half of the taxes compared to previous years.
According to Mr. Morrissey, sports betting definitely helped and it is appreciated by the industry in Black Hawk. He added: “The impact overall is positive for our business. Certainly today with the pandemic going on, any incremental revenue is great revenue for us.”
Many casinos signed revenue sharing agreements with sportsbook operators to compensate for losses, which were significant in the city, since many casinos were closed in March, April, May and June of 2020.
Some of the casinos opened doors but table games have been shut for longer and many remained closed through November when Covid-19 cases growing in numbers.
According to Mr. Morrissey, the city just needs to be more versatile and adaptive to the changes.
The coronavirus had the strongest impact on citizens of Gilpin County, since about 25% of them work in gaming. Many workers lost their jobs after the casinos closed.
However, on Saturday, the county received a permission to increase capacity to 175 people in most places. This could definitely help some bring back their jobs but the best thing that could happen to Gilpin County is to eliminate limits and to expand table games, which is expected to happen this coming May.
Mr.Morrissey said: “That will allow us to change the way we market table games; change the guests we’re attracting. We have a lot to offer for entertainment for those guests as their confidence returns and they want to come up the hill and have some fun,”
According to some, including Mr. Morrissey, the vaccines are the only solution for the gaming industry to return to normal.
Source: “Colorado casinos optimistic about the future of sports betting: ‘It’s a very exciting time’”, CBS Denver, February 7, 2021


Posted on 6:39 pm
วิธีสร้างเพื่อนและคิดถึงผู้คน: Craps Protocol 101

3 hands from nl2 6 max cash games

Hand 1:GG Poker – $0.02 NL (6 max) – Holdem – 5 playersHand converted by PokerTracker 4UTG (UTG): 102 BBCO (CO): 101.5 BBHero (BTN): 249 BBSB (SB): 96.5 BBBB (BB): 126.5 BBSB posts SB 0.5 BB, BB posts BB 1 BBDealt to Hero:Qh Khfold, fold, Hero raises to 3 BB, fold, BB calls 2 BBFlop (6.5 BB, 2 players):Qs 6d 7cBB checks, Hero bets 4.5 BB, BB calls 4.5 BBTurn (15.5 BB, 2 players):KdBB checks, Hero bets 12.5 BB, BB raises to 43 BB, Hero calls 30.5 BBRiver (101.5 BB, 2 players):8dBB bets 76 BB and is all-in, foldBB wins 95.5 BBShould I even call this turn? The villain is 26 vpip. It looks like a set, 66 or 77.Hand 2:GG Poker – $0.02 NL (6 max) – Holdem – 5 playersHand converted by PokerTracker 4CO (CO): 190.5 BBBTN (BTN): 100 BBHero (SB): 106.5 BBBB (BB): 97 BBUTG (UTG): 76.5 BBHero posts SB 0.5 BB, BB posts BB 1 BBDealt to Hero:Qs Asfold, fold, fold, Hero raises to 3 BB, BB calls 2 BBFlop (6 BB, 2 players):6s 3c TcHero bets 3.5 BB, BB calls 3.5 BBTurn (13 BB, 2 players):4dHero checks, BB bets 9 BB, foldBB wins 12.5 BBI just don’t know how to play situations like these. I often c-bet a flop, then someone calls, I check on the turn and someone bets quite large. I just don’t know what to do. I don’t know what he could be calling here with. I don’t think I can double barrel here because he can easily have a T here and there’s no way I will make him fold a top pair. He could have a flush draw but I don’t think he would bet that big on the turn but who knows, I don’t block any clubs and he could have a set – 33 or 66. The villain is unknown.Hand 3:GG Poker – $0.02 NL (6 max) – Holdem – 6 playersHand converted by PokerTracker 4SB (SB): 100 BBHero (BB): 112 BBUTG (UTG): 145.5 BBMP (MP): 100 BBCO (CO): 88.5 BBBTN (BTN): 80.5 BBSB posts SB 0.5 BB, Hero posts BB 1 BBDealt to Hero:Ah Jcfold, fold, CO raises to 2.5 BB, fold, fold, Hero raises to 10 BB, CO calls 7.5 BBFlop (20.5 BB, 2 players):7h Qc 2cHero bets 10.5 BB, CO calls 10.5 BBTurn (41.5 BB, 2 players):KsHero bets 32.5 BB, CO raises to 68 BB and is all-in, foldCO wins 100.5 BBHere I tried to double barrel but it didn’t work out. So I c-bet the flop, he calls and a Ks came on the river, I would prefer a Kc because I have an Ac but a Ks is on the turn so I bet. He could have AQ since he called me on the flop but he raised and went all in on the turn . He could have KQ, QQ or 77 but double barreling here wasn’t a bad idea, I think. The villain had 25 vpip, 20 hands played.I have a problem when they call my c-bet and I often check the turn and they bet big. For example: I have AcKh in BB, btn opens, I 3bet and flop comes 3s Qc 7h. I c-bet here, they call, I check and they bet big on the turn after my check.

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Bellagio to Renovate Hotel Rooms, Eyeing Las Vegas Recovery in 2021

Posted on: February 8, 2021, 10:03h. 
Last updated on: February 8, 2021, 10:03h.
Bellagio’s new colorful room upgrade will provide “comfort” to attract players and travelers to the Las Vegas Strip gaming property as the COVID-19 pandemic hopefully winds down, according to a casino sector analyst.
A recently-upgraded bathroom at Bellagio. Improvements include a walk-in shower and dual sinks. Rooms will also be renovated this year in an apparent effort to lure travelers back to the Las Vegas Strip hotel-casino. (Image: MGM Resorts International)The Rev. Richard McGowan, a finance professor at Boston College who closely follows the gaming industry, explained that Bellagio and other brick-and-mortar casinos “need to distinguish themselves” especially after the pandemic-linked recession.“This is one way a casino on The Strip can do this,” McGowan told Casino.org about Bellagio’s renovations. “They will need to be creative to provide new sorts of luxury and entertainment.”Each of Bellagio’s 2,568 rooms in the main tower will get refreshed interiors, according to the MGM Resorts International-operated casino. The design is inspired by the Bellagio’s iconic outdoor fountains and incorporates new colors.The premier king rooms will include blue colors resembling the sky before sunrise. In addition, the premier, two-queen rooms will be highlighted by yellow that is associated with the late-day sky at sunset.The renovated rooms also will include two seating nooks, a built-in closet, and an activity table.Bathrooms will feature a shower with doorless entry. There will also be dual sinks and a granite vanity with backlit mirrors.“As the world returns to travel in the months and years ahead, Bellagio will be ready with this gorgeous new room product, as well as health and safety protocols throughout the resort to ensure guests feel welcome, comfortable and safe,” Ann Hoff, Bellagio’s president and chief operating officer, said in a statement.Given the pandemic, the number of travelers using Las Vegas’s McCarran International Airport continued to decline in December, down more than 60 percent from the same month a year earlier. The slump in Las Vegas tourism contributed to low hotel-casino occupancy rates.Hotel occupancy rates in December were 45.4 percent. During the middle of the week, the occupancy rate dropped to 25 percent, the Las Vegas Review-Journal reported.The 19.03 million people who visited Las Vegas in 2020 was off by 55.2 percent from the previous year, the Review-Journal added. It also was the lowest number since 1989.Given these numbers, McGowan said renovations similar to Bellagio’s may take place at other venues on the Las Vegas Strip.“MGM and other operators will be betting .. that after patrons have been cooped up for over a year, they will be looking for high-end entertainment and comfort,” McGowan said. “The casino operators need to provide it.”Las Vegas Traveler Demand Could Increase Between April and JuneMacquarie analyst Chad Beynon also noted in a statement to investors that searches for Las Vegas trips 60 to 90 days increased for the second consecutive month in December, rising 7.6 percent year-over-year. Beynon explained that is a sign consumer demand could perk up in the April through June period.That jibes with a recent survey indicating business travelers are longing for in-person conventions. That is another positive for Las Vegas, Casino.org reported last month.Bellagio room upgrades will start this week, according to Stacy Hamilton, executive director of public relations at MGM Resorts.“It will last through August,” Hamilton told Casino.org. “First rooms will be available for guest stays in April.”The renovations at Bellagio were developed by Chicago-based The Gettys Group along with MGM Resorts International Design Group.Ben Nicholas, senior principal at The Gettys Group, explained in a statement the redesigns “transcend cultures and speak to an international audience. We took inspiration from water, which is synonymous with Bellagio, and blended in elements of light and nature, to create spaces that make guests feel at home.”El Cortez Casino Underdoing Renovations DowntownIn downtown Las Vegas, the El Cortez Hotel & Casino completed a $25 million renovation. The venue is celebrating its 80th anniversary this year and the property said it is the longest running hotel and casino in Las Vegas.The casino installed new ceilings and a woven Axminster carpet by Brintons on the gaming floor. Also, 200 tower rooms and suites were remodeled.


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Australia wants Thai man suspected of using Crown to launder money

Chung Chak “John” Lee laundered millions of dollars through Crown Resorts casinos in Australia. That’s the allegation against him as Australian authorities try to get him extradited from Thailand. Apparently, as has already been demonstrated on several occasions, Crown Resorts made it easy for individuals to pass huge bags of money through its operations without many questions asked, and Lee may have been one of those who took advantage of the casino operator’s lax policies.Lee was arrested in Thailand this past December, accused of being an international drug lord and a part of The Company, an international crime syndicate. The organization has been on the radar by law enforcement around the world, as well as the United Nations, for managing around 70% of the methamphetamines that entered Australia. However, Lee wasn’t just into drugs and led activity in both Hong Kong and Bangkok that catered to high-rolling gamblers. He didn’t just offer them a connection to the tables, though. He reportedly had joined forces with Crown to drive business and, according to investigators, laundered millions of dollars through Crown’s casino in Melbourne in 2012.This isn’t the first time that Lee’s name has been linked to Crown. The Company was featured in news pieces on several occasions last year and the year before, all showing how easy it was to use Crown’s operations to launder funds. Those reports, and Lee’s illicit activity, are what led to the investigation into Crown’s history and New South Wales’ Bergin inquiry into the company’s ability to hold a gambling license. That inquiry is expected to wrap up at any time, and Crown is facing the possibility of losing its license and/or being forced to completely revamp its executive ranks to appease regulators.The 65-year-old Lee is reportedly a high-ranking boss in the 14 K Triad and is said to have spent the past 30-plus years running illegal drug operations across the globe. He is also said to have connections with Broken Tooth, another notorious triad boss reportedly on the run somewhere in Malaysia. Lee apparently has well-placed connections, including in some high-ranking offices in both Taiwan and Thailand. That might create some delays in his extradition to Australia, but it’s not likely to prevent it, unless he figures out a way to conveniently escape before the extradition order can be approved.

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What is the Probability of Winning in Poker?

Poker remains a popular pastime even in 2021, which so much else vying for our attention. We’re no longer in the glory days (or “Boom years”) of 2003-2011, but with that said poker remains an activity enjoyed by tens of millions of people all over the world, far more than in the “pre-Boom” years. Whether online or in a brick and mortar casino, when people want to get their gamble on or match wits against their fellow players, or even take a crack at winning a progressive jackpot at a poker table game or at video poker, there’s plenty on offer to whet their appetites for a thrill.
As popular as the games have been, what keeps people’s interest piqued is the possibility of winning. After all, if you’d always lose, you’d likely eventually lose your desire to play. The question, then, is what the probability is of one winning, and that’s something that needs to often be calculated using poker math. We’ll delve more deeply into that below.

Poker odds
The probability of winning at any poker game, including online video poker real money USA often depends on the poker odds. These reference what your chances are of making your hand or your opponents making their hand. Being good with mathematics and quickly calculating these poker odds will improve your overall decision making and thus your likelihood of winning each hand.
Therefore, poker odds are the most fundamental probability tool at any punter’s disposal. If you intend to master the (science and) art of playing poker like a pro, you’ll absolutely need to become proficient at calculating pot odds. Keeping those in mind, as well as hand ranges, is what often separates the good players from the hopeless ones.
The importance of calculating poker odds
Back in the day, some of the most season poker players believes that physical tells were all you needed to beat a game of poker. You “played the player” and “put them on a hand”. Your sense of their behaviors and mannerisms was enough for you to possibly deduce what they were holding, if those holdings were strong or weak, and if you needed to fold or if you could successfully bluff them off their hand.
In more modern times, the importance of mathematics to poker has been fully realized. While there’s surely still a component of physical tells to be taken into account, the numbers often tell the story in poker. Those who master the mathematics involved in calculating poker odds tend to fare better in the long run when it comes to beating opponents, saving money, and winning money at the tables.
How poker odds work
It’d be best to note the poker odds ratio between the bet size and the pot size. The ratio rules are equivalent to the standard mathematical equation. While some players are comfortable enough estimating their odds, the best players have perfected their routines such that they can perfectly calculate the odds. A couple percentage points here or there may not seem like such a big deal, but at the poker table the rough vs. exact calculations could add up to lots of money saved/earned.
Practice makes perfect, so be sure to keep at it until you fully hone your own poker odds calculation abilities.
When you can call a bet
The fascinating thing about poker games is their unpredictability. If you ever find yourself at crossroads in a hand with no potential showdown value, you might get tempted to call or raise the bet just so you can possibly steal the pot from your opponents. You’ll soon discover that straight draws and flush draws are the most monotonous draw types you’ll face in poker games. For you to find the best move, you need to calculate how often you hit one of your outs. Thus, you’ll get to know whether you complete the draw or not. Generally speaking, if you’re getting the right odds to call, then you ought to do so, as it’s the mathematically prudent course of action.
While playing online video poker real money USA, it’d be best to master the actual numbers that will allow you to use your poker stats correctly. It’s also crucial as they’ll enable you to make informed choices on the various poker games.
About Marcus HarmonMarcus Harmon is a poker writer and editor of Sunshine Poker Rooms, a poker news and information source. With a decade of experience in the online gaming industry, Marcus has been lucky enough to have met and indeed been beaten by some of the great players. His other passions are soccer and travel.

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Bally’s Corporation buys online free-play games developer SportCaller

American land-based casino operator Bally’s Corporation has announced that it has bought prominent online free-play games and software developer SportCaller for an undisclosed amount.
The Providence-headquartered firm used an official press release to detail that the acquisition is destined to complement its pending takeover of daily fantasy sports provider Monkey Knife Fight as well as its recent purchase of digital technology and services enterprise Bet.Works Corporation and help it to further expand its iGaming presence around the world.
Free-play fun:
Previously known as Twin River Worldwide Holdings Incorporated until undergoing a name-change late last year, the Rhode Island-based company proclaimed that procuring SportCaller will moreover allow it to premiere its own range of free-play games later in the year and utilize its long-term strategic partnership with Sinclair Broadcast Group Incorporated to distribute these ‘in states that currently do not permit sportsbetting.’
Added allure:
George Papanier serves as President and Chief Executive Officer for Bally’s Corporation and he used the press release to explain that SportCaller and its player database are to become a part of his firm’s new Bally’s Interactive division. As such and he declared that this entity will be able to utilize free-play games ‘as an additional player engagement and retention tool’ while expanding the attractiveness of its mobile-friendly sportsbetting app ‘beyond national borders.’
Read a statement from Papanier…
“I am delighted to welcome SportCaller to Bally’s Interactive alongside Bet.Works Corporation and Monkey Knife Fight. Free-play products represent a core component of our interactive strategy to drive user acquisition to our ecosystem. SportCaller offers unique products and I am confident that its pioneering platform and deep international expertise will significantly contribute to our growing interactive platforms.”
Subsequent strategy:
For his part and Cillian Barry, Managing Director for SportCaller, pronounced that his Dublin-headquartered firm’s portfolio of over 100 free-play and jackpot games offered in some 20 languages were already being utilized by ‘some of the largest betting and media companies as a key customer acquisition and retention tool’. He furthermore stated that his team will now work with Bally’s Corporation towards improving the ‘development resources’ of Bet.Works Corporation while simultaneously supporting the ‘accelerated innovation and deployment of new products.’
Barry’s statement read…
“Joining Bally’s Corporation is a milestone moment for the SportCaller team. I look forward to working with the talented team at Bally’s Corporation as we continue to create innovative free-play products that engage sports fans on a global scale.”

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