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Kindred Promotes Safer Gambling by Publishing its Revenue

Kindred Group is the first gambling operator to report the share of revenue that comes from harmful gambling. The move is part of the company’s long-term quest to provide a safe gambling experience.
Kindred hopes that in future, zero per cent of its revenue will come from harmful gambling and for that end, it has adopted a policy for transparency and has shared its financial figures along with a measures to help affected customers regain control of their gambling.
The company says it aims to increase knowledge on the matter and to open a fact-based dialogue about harmful gambling and the results of it.
Kindred announced Monday that since the start of its transparency policy, 98 per cent of the players on the company’s platform have been practicing responsible gambling, which means that measures have brought significant results.
Next Move
Kindred continues its sustainability work by promising that from now on it will report the share of revenue derived from harmful gambling. The numbers will be accompanied by a report from achieved improvements in its customers’ gambling habits.
According to the report, high-risk players brought 4.3% revenue; 75.7% came from the improvement effect after intervention.
Henrik Tjärnström, CEO of Kindred Group, said that his company is striving to be even better in detecting harmful gambling behavior. “We want gambling to be simple and enjoyable for everyone. Reducing harmful gambling in society is a long-term process which requires a fact-based, open, and constructive dialogue, not least with decision-makers. We want to contribute to that. “
He added: “The most important thing decision-makers can do right now is to reduce the flight to unlicensed gambling operators, who fail to provide players with any safety measures whatsoever. The so called channelisation must increase.”
Kindred developed their safer gambling program several years ago. Under it, by 2023 the company will have achieved zero per cent revenue from harmful gambling.
Some of the plan’s key elements include increased precision to identify potentially harmful behavior quicker and more accurately as well as an improvement of support tools, meaning that the company will encourage and lead players who exhibit risky behavior back towards healthier gambling.
And last but now least, Kindred will devote its attention to practicing clearer communication by implementing automated communication with players to ensure rapid intervention when it is needed.
Mr. Tjärnström said: “In order to evaluate our own sustainability work and to counteract harmful gambling, we continuously measure how our efforts contribute to healthier gambling together with how much of our revenue that comes from harmful gambling.”
Regarding the shared company financials, he stated: “We want to share these figures to increase the understanding of our long-term sustainability work and contribute to a safer gambling experience. Local market regulation is an important part to achieve this.”
From now on, the company said it would commit to sharing their revenue from harmful gambling quarterly on their website.
Source: “Harmful gambling and solutions: Kindred publishes its figures”, PR Newswire, February 7, 2021


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