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How much effort will it take to become a semi-pro poker player (to pay through uni, e.g.)?

I have been 2-tabling 10NLz on ACR for around a year now, and I am a slight winner. When not at peak times, I’d say I’m around break-even, but overall I’ve managed to get to around 10bb/100 all-in adj in the past ~10k hands (after quite a few thousand hands of button clicking at sub-par times in the past). Now, of course, winning at 10NL is very different to winning at even 25NL, and on top of that, I haven’t been winning for anywhere near a significant sample. I have, however, been improving quite fast.The problem is that although I play this as a hobby and would still play even if I was a losing player (within reason), it is so time consuming that I can’t really look to keep it as a regular hobby unless I get paid enough to at least not need to look for a part-time job while studying. I think I’d need an hourly of at least $20 to look at it as a more long-term hobby, especially if I keep good study habits, and I just wanted to ask how realistic it is to hope to get to there by the end of this year.If I really commit quite a bit in the coming months, is it realistic to think that I can begin to get good enough to make upwards of $20/ hour live/ possibly online? Either multi-tabling 50NL or being able to crush 2/5 live would be the goals, but these seem so ambitious as a barely winning player that I should probably just give up now and commit more time to uni and getting a job…Edit: yeah, so I average 370 hands/ hour at 10NLz 2-tabling, so if I somehow manage to 10-table 10NL, or step up the stakes and 4-5 table at 25NL, or manage to beat 50NL, that would be good enough online, but that seems insane. Live, assuming 30 h/h at 2/5, I would need to be beating it for 14bb/100 after rake, which I suppose is reasonable on good days, but still seems quite daunting for me…

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