Tom Horn Gaming

Tom Horn Gaming is a casino software provider that designs some of the best video slots, mobile slots, and various sports betting solutions. Also, Tom Horn provides innovative and engaging casino games. Tom Horn was established more than a decade ago; in 2008 precisely.Also, Tom Horn Gaming partners with top gaming companies like NetBet, iGaming Platform, Jumpman Gaming, Progress Play, etc. Interestingly this software provider has grown to become a global company with offices situated in Malta, Slovakia, India, etc. Let’s take an in-depth view of Tom Horn Gaming operations. This Tom Horn review will help you know how to deal with the casino software provider.Best Tom Horn Gaming casinosGames: 1000 +Payout speed: InstantMin deposist: $ 20Games: 300 +Payout speed: 1-2 daysMin deposit: NZ$ 30
NZ $ 1000 + 100 spinsGames: 600+Payout speed: 3-4 daysMin deposit: $10Games: 2500+Payout speed: 1-3 daysMin deposit: NZ$ 20Games: 900 +Payout speed: 1-2 daysMin deposist: $ 20Top games provided by Tom Horn GamingLatest launched casino games by Tom Horn GamingTom Horn Gaming provides some of the best games in the online gambling industry. More so, their gaming graphics are in 3D.As a matter of fact, all Tom Horn’s games have the Random Number Generator technology. Therefore, results are generated randomly.GtomPlayers get rewarded with numerous bonuses and promotions on the games.The following are categories of games offered by Tom Horn Gaming:Casinos: They provide some of the classic casino games. They offer casino games like roulette, blackjack, keno, etc. Interestingly, these games have more than 20 variants. Slots: The quality of the video is second to none. The graphic designs are impeccable and smooth. Their top online pokies include Wheel of Luck, Spinball, etc.Video Poker: Also, Tom Horn Gaming offers video poker games. Meanwhile, their poker games are compatible with most mobile devices. Live Dealership: Interestingly, they also offer live gaming. After playing these high quality casino games, you may not want to visit a land-based casino.Solutions offered by Tom Horn GamingThis gaming provider offers various solutions to their clients. Below are the various solutions offered by this software gaming provider:Mini-Games: Tom Horn Gaming offers a mini-game with sports betting or bingo. These games are designed to fit small screens seamlessly. Enjoy numerous casino games on the go. Mobile: Furthermore, Tom Horn Gaming provides games that are compatible with any mobile platforms. More so, you can also enjoy the features on your desktop. Every game on their library fits into any web browser or screen seamlessly.Land-based Gaming: As a true casino software provider, Tom Horn Gaming also offers server-based games played at betting shops, terminals, etc. These systems are compatible with bill acceptors. Tournament: Their tournament feature is interesting and allows you to compete against your friends. Amazingly, they offer prizes in real money.Jackpots: Tom Horn Gaming jackpots include progressive jackpots that are triggered by in-game features. They can also set up mystery jackpots that connect all the games on a casino platform.Online Game Integration: They offer online integration that supports wallets and credit transfer mode, demo version mode, free bonus modes, etc. Tom Horn Gaming news sectionTom Horn Gaming news.As a top software provider, they keep its clients up-to-date with recent events in the gaming industry. Also, you would find news regarding their latest offers, promotions, and achievement. To get updates, follow Tom Horns Gaming on their social media handles. Tom Horn Gaming has a Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter handle. Career sectionYou can also be part of their team. They are always looking out for talented designers. If you have the skills and knowledge you can reach out to Tom Horn Gaming.Company infoTom Horn Gaming is licensed by the Malta Gaming Authority, and the UK Gambling Commission. The CEO of Tom Horn Gaming is Ondrej Lapides. Copmany was launched in 2008 and since then it grows in igaming industry.Contact details include: email: [email protected]Linkedin: tom-horn-enterpriseYoutube: ˇ@TomHornEnterpriseFacebook: @TomHornGamingClick to rate this post![Total: 1 Average: 5]

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LendingTree Survey Finds Unemployed More Likely to Bet on Super Bowl

Posted on: February 7, 2021, 02:51h. 
Last updated on: February 7, 2021, 03:03h.

Steve Bittenbender

Read MoreA recent survey from financial website LendingTree shows more than half of its respondents will bet on Sunday’s Super Bowl. And many of those with some action on the game may be the ones who can least afford it.
Kansas City quarterback Patrick Mahomes will play for his second consecutive Super Bowl trophy Sunday night. A survey from LendingTree said people who have been laid off or lost work because of the pandemic are more likely to bet on the big game. (Image: Jamie Squire/Getty Images)The survey found that 51 percent of those polled planned to make some type of bet. Those most likely to make a wager include Generation Z (62 percent), the generation currently defined as age 18-24, and Millennials (67 percent), those ages 25-40.Two-thirds of millennials said they would make a bet, while 62 percent of Gen Z respondents expect to wager on the game between the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and Kansas City Chiefs.Those generations are typically seen as the key demographic groups for sports betting operators, especially those offering mobile applications.My fellow members of Generation X (ages 41-55) are mixed, as 53 percent plan to bet, and only 26 percent of Baby Boomers (ages 56-75) expect to have action on the game.The average amount people plan to bet is $108, with Gen X and Millennials – the two generations representing most of America’s workforce – most likely to make larger wagers.LendingTree’s data conflicts somewhat with findings released earlier this week by the American Gaming Association. That survey determined that only 23 million Americans plan to bet on the big game.Survey: Nearly 70% of Unemployed Likely to BetPerhaps the most troubling aspect of the LendingTree survey was the findings that people who lost their job or saw their work hours cut because of the COVID-19 pandemic were more likely to bet on the Super Bowl.Only 43 percent of people who said their income was not affected by the pandemic said they planned to make a wager. However, 69 percent of people who were laid off or furloughed said they will make a bet on the game, and 71 percent of people working less said they wouldThat means an awful lot of people are simply gambling with money they have no business that may be inadvisable to putting at risk,” wrote Matt Schultz, a finance industry analyst who authored the piece.One reason people may be more willing to bet is the fact that many Americans recently received their latest stimulus check, and Democrats in Congress are ready to send most of them an additional $1,400.Not Just Sports BettingIt’s not just sports betting that’s seeing an increase, either. Another recent survey by LendingTree’s MagnifyMoney showed that the average American has spent $950 on vices since the pandemic started nearly a year ago.Among the top vices were lottery tickets.Schultz said people don’t have to bet money to get their adrenaline flowing. Bragging rights or another prize can work just as well as money, he said.The online survey conducted by Qualtrics late last month questioned 1,073 Americans.


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Run It Once Poker Room Review

Run It Once Poker, an offshoot of Phil Galfond’s Run It Once training site, launched in February 2019.

The room immediately succeeded in generating a significant level of buzz thanks to its various innovative and unique features which sets it apart from other online poker rooms including:

Dynamic Avatars – You can select the avatar you want from the 11 available character, but your opponents at the table will see you as a random avatar. Additionally, each player’s avatar changes based on their recent play history.
Splash the Pot – Money randomly added directly to the pot so you get rewarded faster.
Legends – Further rewards with a traditional weekly cashback program.
StreamR – This innovative rewards program pays players for live-streaming their action at RIO Poker tables.
HeroIQ – Built-in HUD.
SNG Select – Classic and “Lottery” sit and gos.

Run It Once Poker also has an AutoSeat blind lobby with fixed buy-ins that makes it fast and simple to get to the tables

And as a way of protecting its players from all of the sharks out there RIO Poker:

Prohibits all third-party tools including HUDs
Limits the number of tables a player can play at one time (this speeds up the games too!)

The project was first revealed two years ago as Galfond felt that the online poker sites at that time lacked “transparency” and he was looking for a “fair, honest, transparent” poker site.

Initially, the site was supposed to launch in Q1 2017. However, the project was delayed for various reasons.

The online poker room is licensed in Malta and regulated by the Malta Gaming Authority. The company also holds a license from the UK Gambling Commission in the United Kingdom.

Welcome Bonus

Like most online poker rooms, Run It Once too has a welcome bonus for all new players.

RIO matches 100% of deposits up to €600 for 30 days. The bonus is released incrementally as indicated in the following table. For example, if a player deposits €250, he/she will be credited €5 for every €25 rake they contribute. Once the €100 bonus is cleared, they will receive €10 for every €57.10 for the next €100 batch and so on.

Run It Once Welcome Bonus Structure

Bonus Progress

€0 – €100

€100 – €200

€200 – €300

€300 – €500

€500 – €600

What makes RIO’s Welcome Bonus more appealing is that there is no expiration date to clear the bonus as long as players play at least 1 hand every 30 days. Additionally, all deposits in the first 30 days count towards the bonus and not just the first deposit.

The site initially launched with a standard bonus in the industry i.e., RIO matched first deposit bonus up to €600 with 100% but only the first deposit counted towards the bonus. However, this was later changed to an unlimited number of deposits following the players’ feedback.

No deposit code is required for the Welcome Bonus.

Run It Once Welcome Bonus

Bonus Code
No Code Required

100% Match Up to

Bonus Clear Period
Unlimited (as long as players play a hand every 30 days)

Last Verified
February 2021

Rake Structure

Run It Once Poker charges 4 – 5.75% rake for cash games, with rake cap from 0.50 up to 3.75, depending on the stakes and the number of players playing at the tables.

At No Limit Hold’em, rake is 5.75% at the micro stakes 5.5% at the low to mid-stakes, and it drops to 4% at the NL2000 tables, the highest stakes available. At PLO, it is fractionally lower—4.5% at micros, going up to 5% at PLO50 to PLO5000, then back down to 4% at high stakes.

Run It Once Poker Rake Structure

Stakes (100bb buy-in)










In general, when compared with other sites, the rake on RIO is notably higher at similar game and stakes. However, with its generous rewards scheme, the “net rake” is much lower than its competitors.

Splash the Pot

Run It Once Poker offers two types of rewards—Legends (see below) and its unique Splash the Pot.

Splash the Pot (STP), as the name implies, returns 51% of all rake taken at the table in the form of extra money dropped randomly to pots. This “splashed” pot is based on the size of the pot on the previous hand. This additional money can vary from 1 big blind up to, on very rare occasions, 1000 big blinds. The winner of the hand takes the extra money.

This innovative way to distribute the rewards has been very well received in general and has been appreciated by all types of players for its innovative take on rewards. According to the company, STP helps it to achieve some of its objectives around rake including rewarding all types of players equally and eliminating unclaimed rewards.

In addition to the RIO’s primary rewards program STP, the room also offers a secondary rewards program called StreamR that encourages players to stream their play on Twitch in exchange for 50% to 110% in additional rakeback based on the number of viewer hours accumulated in a month.

StreamR has a four-level program where players on Level 1 which has been designed to be fairly easy to achieve will need 200 hours of “watch time” for 50% net rakeback. Similarly, Level 4 will require 20,000 hours of watch time and players will be rewarded 110% rakeback.


On top of Splash the Pot, there is also the Legends rewards program. The more you play, the more you get in cashback, as you move through five tiers: Clubs, Diamonds, Hearts, Spades and Legends.

Each of these tiers consists of five levels except for Legends, which has unlimited levels. As you complete every level, you are rewarded cash direct into your account, plus a level-up boost (free points towards unlocking higher levels).

You earn one point for every €0.05 in rake paid.

The entry-level “Clubs” tier starts at 10% rakeback, achievable for anyone who earns at least 60 points, equivalent to paying just €3 in rake.

These cash rewards increase as players generate more and more points, thus incentivizing players to put in higher volume—something that stands in stark contrast to the overall industry.

The final tier “Legends” guarantees €900 in cash rewards for every 90,000 points (€4500 in contributed rake) you accrue during a week.

Legends Rewards Program

Streak Reward
Max Cash Reward
Splash the Pot






Besides offering a generous rewards program, Run It Once Poker also runs promotions on a daily basis, effectively increasing the value of the rewards up to the equivalent of 80% rakeback and sometimes even higher. There have been direct rakeback promotions, bigger pot “splashes”, rake races and more.

As of February 2021, the operator runs leaderboards across all its games every week. Many of these do not have much competition so can offer some great extra value for players.

The company also plans to run a table starter cashback program, encouraging players to start the table and keep them running.

Cash Games

The site offers a limited range of game offerings, with No Limit Hold’em and Pot Limit Omaha 6-max cash games starting at €4 buy-in (2c/4c) and going up to €1000 (€5/€10).

The room does not yet offer other game types and formats including tournaments and sit & gos. However, the company recently posted an update on the site’s progress suggesting that the development process for sit & go’s is “well underway” but the company has not provided a timeline yet. The addition of sit & go’s will be the room’s first major post-launch addition.


In November 2020, the operator launched SNG Select. This offers both standard sit and gos, called Classic, and lottery sit and gos, called Cub3d. Cleverly, it uses the same player pool for both games. This means that games go off quite fast, even during quiet times.

Regardless of which you choose, the games are three handed and winner takes all, although if you are playing Cub3d there are special “Glitch” random prizes that can be triggered, rewarding you a prize even if you lose.

Classic Buy-in
Classic Prize
Classic Rake
Cub3d Buy-in
Cub3d Prize
Cub3d Rake
Cub3d Glitch %
Glitch Prize









Run It Once has its own in-house software offering many of the unique features designed for both the recreational and professional players. Most notably the Dynamic Avatars system, where each opponent has a random avatar that takes on a unique expression based on the player’s recently observed play style.

The cash game lobby is blind with fixed buy-ins, a common trend now in the online poker industry. Play is entirely anonymous, there is no chat box, though a canned chat system is available allowing players to express themselves with a shortlist of emoticons and phrases. Also unique is the player color-coding system, which accents each avatar’s shirt with the chosen color.

There is also a prohibition of all third-party tools including HUDs, cap on multi-tables to up to 6 tables, unique sit out policy.

The client is still in beta mode and will remain in this phase until the platform is “nearly flawless,” according to Phil Galfond, the founder of RIO. The room has been releasing frequent updates adding new features on a monthly basis including resizeable tables, ability to download hand histories, improvements to hotkeys, new table backgrounds and new table layouts, new card options, visual tweaks, etc.

Run It Once Poker is available to both Windows and Mac users.

Mobile App

At the time of writing, Run It Once Poker has not yet revealed a mobile app yet. But it is expected, RIO will an app for Android and iOS users in the near future. There is no word on whether there will be a browser-based client.

Banking Options

Players can deposit on Run It Once Poker through a variety of options including VISA and MasterCard, Neteller, Skrill, ecoPayz, Paysafecard, MuchBetter, AstroPay Card, bank transfer powered by Trustly. However, depending on the player’s location, these payment methods may vary.

RIO is also expecting to accept cryptocurrencies including Bitcoins soon but it is still waiting for the regulators to add those options.

RIO Site Availability

RIO operates internationally under a Malta license and accepts players from dozens of countries. This includes Canada, South America much of Europe including Finland, Netherlands, Russia and Germany. It is available in the UK too, thanks to RIO’s UKGC license.

However, the site is not available in certain key jurisdictions including the US, Belgium, Sweden, Italy, Czech Republic, Romania, Estonia, Greece, and the European segregated market made up of the shared player pools in France, Spain, and Portugal.

The operator is understood to have applied for a license in some of these countries including Denmark and Sweden.

Latest News on Run It Once Poker:

Read more on Run It Once Poker »

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Wynn Resorts Stock Earns ‘Neutral’ Rating as Analyst Forecasts Lengthy Macau Recovery

Posted on: February 7, 2021, 01:36h. 
Last updated on: February 7, 2021, 01:36h.
On the back of a fourth-quarter earnings report that was received in surprisingly positive fashion, Wynn Resorts (NASDAQ:WYNN) stock jumped 17.54 percent last week, but one analyst is urging caution with the shares.
Wynn Palace in Macau. An analyst is tepid on the name, citing longer recovery periods. (Image: CNBC)In a note to clients, Roth Capital analyst David Bain reiterates a “neutral” rating on shares of the Encore operator with a $92 price target. That forecast is more than 27 percent below where Wynn stock closed last Friday and well below the consensus estimate of $108.50. Bain says the rating factors in longer-term Macau market potential balanced with a lofty valuation and company- and market-specific risks.While bulls are likely to cite positive earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation and amortization (EBITDA) and forward month-over-month improvements, we remain neutral based on Macau risk factors and overall ‘back to calendar year (CY) 2019 levels’,” said Bain. “Street estimates continue being pushed out another year to CY23 from CY22 with multiple targets moving to capture 2023 estimates.”Late last year, Macau operators, including Wynn, started posting break even EBITDA results. Among analysts and investors, that was taken as a sign that the world’s largest casino center could notch a material rebound starting in late 2021.For Wynn Stock, Some Macau Positives, RisksIn the fourth quarter, Wynn posted break even EBITDA in Macau on revenue that was just 32 percent of that seen in the comparable period in 2019. Likewise, the operator trimmed daily expenses to $2.2 million from $3 million a year earlier.On a conference call with analysts, Wynn CEO Matt Maddox said the company is bullish on Macau’s future and that growth will be sourced via premium mass market players — a bread-and-butter demographic for the operator. Near-term strength in the special administrative region (SAR) is essential for Wynn’s top and bottom lines because its US operations in Las Vegas and Boston remain hindered by coronavirus restrictions.Roth Capital’s Bain said Wynn’s premium mass focus in Macau is a positive, but there remains overhang courtesy of the SAR’s looming license renewal process.“We believe Wynn’s focus on premium is a positive as it targets the most profitable segment with initial recovery rates above others,” notes the analyst. “We — like everyone else — would like to look past concession renewals/declare them of little concern, but continue to believe US operators have at least some elevated risk not factored into stock multiples.”Waiting on Vegas RecoveryWhile Macau is Wynn’s marquee market in any operating environment, it would be efficacious for the shares if Las Vegas perks up.At Wynn and Encore on the Strip, room occupancy is 50 percent for Super Bowl weekend — the highest level in five months. However, as Maddox pointed out on the conference call, the company has a new convention center it hasn’t even used yet because of the pandemic.On a related, Bain says there’s pent up demand for Las Vegas, but second half of 2021 estimates for a rebound are probably too ambitious at this stage.The analyst says there’s a “relatively positive 2022 set up for Las Vegas.”


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FOX Bet Michigan FAQ

FOX Bet, the sports betting site that came to be as a result of the partnership between the Stars Group and Fox Sports, is one of the major players in the regulated betting market in the US, with the presence in New Jersey, Colorado, Pennsylvania, and, as of recently, Michigan.

Fans of sports betting in Michigan now have another quality app they can use to place their wagers with ease and in a completely safe and regulated environment.

On this page, you will find answers to some of the most common questions about FOX Bet Michigan with regards to legality, deposits, withdrawals, bonuses, betting options, and more.

Sign up to Fox Bet Michigan and get a risk-free bet up to $500 »

What Bonuses Does FOX Bet MI offer for First-time Depositors?

At this moment in time, FOX Bet features two interesting offers for new bettors. You can only claim one of these two promotions, so choose based on your general betting preferences and the money you have available for betting.

Risk Free Bet up to $500

Register with FOX Bet MI, make a deposit, and place your first real money bet. If your bet loses, the bookie will make you whole with a free bet matching the total value of your initial wager up to $500.

To qualify for this offer, your initial bet must be placed on a single event or a slip with odds of at least -200 (1.50).

If the bet loses, you will receive a free bet covering 100% of your loss that you can use to place a different bet. The new bet must also have total odds of at least -200.

Get 10 Times the Money Betting on the Big Game

Another option available to new bettors at FOX Bet MI is the New Player Sign Up Special. To be eligible, you need to verify your account, make a real money deposit, and place a wager on the Superbowl game on February 7, 2021, before the kickoff.

The bet needs to be on both teams to score and you can bet up to $10. If the bet comes in, you will receive 10 times your wager, i.e. the maximum of $100.

The bonus will be credited in the form of free bets within 24 hours from the bet settling. You can use free bets on all available betting options and withdraw any winnings, but bet themselves are not available for a withdrawal.

On top of new bettor offers, FOX Bet Michigan also features a variety of special promotions and bonuses for existing customers, such as:

Bet Boost Offer for specially selected events and matches
Saturday Super Boost
Free Bet Fridays offering a chance to win $100 in free bets via FOX Bet social media pages

What Are Legal Requirements to Be Able to Place Bets on FOX Bet Michigan?

First of all, to use FOX Bet MI to place real money wagers, you will need to be physically located within the state borders. The operator uses the geolocation technology to make sure all players comply with this requirement.

Other important legal requirements are:

You have to be at least 21 years of age
You need to have a physical address in the US to register
You have to successfully undergo the account verification process

What Types of Bets Are Available at FOX Bet Michigan?

FOX Bet Michigan offers a variety of betting options. Depending on the particular sport or the sporting event, you can have the following options:

Straight Bets
Round Robins
Custom Bets
Enhanced Odds Bets & Parlays

What Sports Are Covered by FOX Bet MI?

FOX Bet covers a wide range of sports and popular leagues and competitions within these sports. You have options like:

Basketball (NBA, NCAAB, international matches, various European leagues)
Hockey (NHL, local leagues)
Football (NFL)
Aussie Rules Football
Soccer (Europa League, Champions League, La Liga, Bundesliga, Serie A, Premier League)
Motor Sports

Does FOX Bet Offer Live (In-play) Betting?

Yes, you can bet live on FOX Bet Michigan on a variety of matches, events, etc. When betting live, you will have access to all sorts of markets to give you more options, as well as real-time statistics and event coverage.

What Is the Maximum I Can Win on a Single Bet?

FOX Bet has set the maximum win from a single bet to $1,000,000. This does not include your stake, though. So, if you were to bet $20,000 to win $1,000,000, your final payout would be $1,020,000.

Is the Cash Out Option Available at FOX Bet Michigan?

Yes, the bookie offers the Cash Out option, allowing you to cash out your winnings early, without having to wait for the match or the event to end. Of course, the option is not guaranteed, and FOX Bet reserves the right to remove or block it at any time for any events they deem appropriate.

Do I Need a New Account for Sports Betting if I Already Have One for Poker or Casino?

No, you do not. In fact, FOX Bet has a very strict one-account policy, so you should never open another account with the site. If you already have an account with FOX Bet that you used for poker or casino games, you can also use it to bet on sports.

Latest News on FOX Bet MI:

Read more on FOX Bet MI »

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Resorts World Targets Newburgh Mall, as Shopping Stores Continue to Attract Casinos

Posted on: February 7, 2021, 12:28h. 
Last updated on: February 7, 2021, 12:28h.
Resorts World Catskills is targeting the Newburgh Mall for a gaming space with video lottery terminals (VLTs).
The remaining Bon-Ton department stores, like this one at the mall in Camillus, New York, went out of business in 2018. Their buildings have become attractive for casino operators, the latest being Resorts World. (Image: The Post-Standard)The casino resort owned by Malaysia-based Genting Group recently announced its plans to renovate a former Bon-Ton department store into a commercial gaming venue. The shopping center is located at the convergence of two major thoroughfares — Interstates 84 and 87.Newburgh is roughly 60 miles north of New York City, and 90 miles south of the Albany capital.Developing a video gaming machine facility in Orange County has, for many years, been part of Resorts World’s long-term vision for Hudson Valley and the Catskills,” a Genting statement first issued to the Times Herald-Record explained.“It will create hundreds of good-paying unions jobs, generate significant revenue for New York’s public schools, and is an important step in ensuring the long-term sustainability of Resorts World Catskills,” the released added.Similar in appearance to classic slot machines or as simulated classic table games, video lottery terminals are linked to a centralized system maintained by the New York Gaming Commission that tracks the game play and earnings for each game. Winning outcomes for VLTs are transmitted by the central system. VLT Rights Came with Casino LicenseEmpire Resorts, a subsidiary of Genting, acquired the Monticello Raceway in the Catskill Mountains in 1996. The racetrack offered VLTs until Resorts World opened in 2018.Empire, which is the immediate parent company to Resorts World Catskills, was permitted by the New York Gaming Commission to relocate its VLT operations under its commercial casino licensing. Empire’s $1.2 billion bid beat out eight other submissions.With Resorts World Catskills offering 1,600 slot machines, Empire closed VLT operations at the adjacent Monticello Raceway after the casino’s opening. Since then, the company has been scouting locations for a new VLT venue. Company executives believe they’ve found an ideal spot at the Newburgh Mall.The former Bon-Ton space measures 68,877 square feet. It’s been occupied by a Jennifer Furniture outlet since August 1. The mall didn’t respond to inquiries regarding whether Jennifer plans to move out.Empire will present its plans, including how many VLTs it will include in the space, to the Newburgh Town Board on February 22.Casinos Rescue MallsThe mall business has been dying for many years. With online shopping at record levels, brick-and-mortar stores and mall anchor tenants have closed in large numbers.Regional casinos have recently targeted vacant malls.In Pennsylvania, three so-called satellite casinos are opening inside malls in Westmoreland, York, and State College.Live! Casino Pittsburgh opened last year at the Westmoreland Mall in what was formerly a Bon-Ton. Penn National Gaming is renovating a former Sears store in York into what will become Hollywood Casino York. Bally’s is additionally underway with plans to build a casino at the Nittany Mall near Penn State University.In Virginia, Hard Rock International is spending $400 million to transform a former Belk department store at the Bristol Mall into a casino resort and hotel. And developers in Illinois, partnered with the Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma, are trying to gain licensure to build a casino at the former site of the Lincoln Mall.


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Michigan Online Sportsbooks FAQ

Is Sports Betting Legal In Michigan?

Yes, sports betting was made legal in Michigan in December of 2019. It was followed by the establishment of physical sportsbooks in March of 2020, with the online segment expected to come either late in 2020 or early in 2021.

Those looking to set up shop in the state have to partner with one of licensed gambling venues in Michigan. Companies cannot apply for sports betting licenses on their own, but have to go through one of the commercial or tribal casinos.

Sign up to Fox Bet Michigan and get a risk-free bet up to $500 »

Are There Any Online Sportsbooks In Michigan Accepting Wagers?

Although online and mobile sports betting had to wait for a while as there were certain legal obstacles that had to be dealt with, it finally went live on January 22, 2021. With that, residents of Michigan were given the opportunity to place their bets via several online platforms.

As of January 22, 2021, there are ten sports betting operators accepting remote wagers, namely FanDuel, Wynn, BetMGM, Twin Spires, Golden Nugget, BetRivers, DraftKings, William Hill, PointsBet, and Barstool Sportsbook.

What Types Of Bets Are Available At MI Online Bookmakers?

Michigan online sportsbooks offer different types of wagers, including parlays, money lines, spreads, totals (over / under), futures, and more.

As for the sports covered, Michigan bookmakers offers a variety of options, from the more popular ones like football (college and NFL), tennis, hockey, soccer, baseball, and basketball, to boxing, cricket, rugby, MMA, and even snooker.

Are There Any Bonuses Available For First Time Depositors?

Yes, almost all sportsbooks in Michigan offer some sort of a first deposit bonus for new players. These are usually issued as free bets that can be used on a single or several betting slips, depending on the particular bonus’ conditions.

For the most part, you will receive any winnings resulting from the bet placed with the bonus wager, minus the total value of the bonus. A majority of bookmakers do not place any wagering requirements on their bonuses, but bets need to have certain minimum odds to qualify.

What Other Promotions Do Michigan Sportsbooks Offer?

There are many different promotions you can take advantage of when betting online in Michigan. These will provide you with free bets, cashback on your losses, and much more.

You can find more information about offers by particular bookies right here on the site or by visiting their webpage.

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Connecticut Lawmakers Seek Major Gaming Expansion to Fund College Tuition Aid

Posted on: February 7, 2021, 10:54h. 
Last updated on: February 7, 2021, 11:41h.
Connecticut lawmakers want to drastically expand gambling in the state in order to better provide college tuition assistance.
Rodney Butler, chair of the Mashantucket Pequot Tribal Nation, is seen here at the tribe’s Foxwoods Resort Casino last year. Connecticut’s two tribal casinos are seeking sports betting and online gaming privileges. (Image: Hartford Courant)A group of Democratic legislators unveiled plans Friday to legalize additional forms of gambling. The new tax revenue that it would derive should be allocated to the state’s Pledge to Advance Connecticut (PACT) program, they say.Formed in 2019, PACT bridges the gap of leftover financing costs after students receive federal, state, and institutional assistance. The program is designed to offer qualifying students a debt-free college education.The lawmakers supporting Friday’s announcement want to legalize internet lottery sales, online gambling, and sports betting.The idea that we have to make it possible for lower-income people to navigate the higher education system by at the very least not going into debt when they go to community college is so important,” said Senate President Pro Tempore Martin Looney (D-New Haven).“Today, it is even more important to access higher education, because a high school diploma is so much more limiting now than it was many years ago,” he added.Tribes Control GamingConnecticut’s two federally recognized tribes have a monopoly on gambling in the state. The Mashantucket Pequot Tribal Nation and Mohegan Tribe respectively own and operate Foxwoods and Mohegan Sun, two of the largest casino resorts in the country.The tribes are hoping to receive state permission to soon begin operating sportsbooks.Connecticut Gov. Ned Lamont (D) has expressed his support for sports betting being allocated to the Native Americans. Lamont has also said he believes Foxwoods and Mohegan Sun should be allowed to operate online gaming.Sports betting and online gaming would give the tribal casinos an upper hand on their nearby competition in Massachusetts. Encore Boston Harbor, MGM Springfield, and Plainridge Park are not yet allowed to conduct such gaming.The Democratic lawmakers backing the gaming expansion believe more gambling is a win-win. Tribal gaming revenue, which has greatly declined over the past decade, would presumably increase, as would the PACT fund balance.“Here in the state of Connecticut, we rely on our workforce to propel our economy,” said Senate Majority Leader Bob Duff (D-Norwalk). “We don’t have natural gas fields or oil wells. Our natural resources are our people.“Ensuring we have a well-educated workforce to meet the needs of the jobs of the 21st century and beyond is exactly why PACT is so important,” Duff concluded.iGaming SurgeThe 2020 COVID-19 pandemic resulted in many gamblers migrating online. Gross gaming revenue from online casinos skyrocketed in the three states where interactive slots and table games were legal last year.Foxwoods has taken a preemptive approach to sports betting and online gaming. The tribal casino announced in December a partnership with online gaming leader DraftKings.Sports betting is operational in 20 states, plus DC. Fifteen states and the nation’s capital allow online wagering. But just five states allow online slot machines and table games, and only 10 have online lottery games.


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Triple Cherry adds Pinocchio’s Journey to growing slots collection

Spain-based casino game developer Triple Cherry has enhanced its growing collection of slots with its latest release, Pinocchio’s Journey, complete with Pinocchio Construction bonus round and Extra Spins.
The medium volatility, 3-reel, 5-row video slot is based on the beloved character in Carlo Collodi’s classic 1883 Italian novel The Adventures of Pinocchio. In the game, players become part of the living wooden puppet’s challenging journey to realize his greatest dream of becoming a real boy.
Exciting features:

In addition to an RTP of 95.41 percent and a hit rate of 42.11 percent, this fun slot includes the Pinocchio Construction bonus round. Players are able to access the feature by filling up the progress bar. The phase begins with six extra spins and is played with special reels, while some of the symbols grow in size to appear in three rows.
During gameplay, the extra spins bonus round comes complete with Bonus Sombra symbols, which ramp up the progress bar by 12.5 percent. When the bar reads 50 percent, three additional spins are added. Upon completion of the round, four extra spins are awarded to the player.
Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder of Triple Cherry, Juan Antonio Galindo, used a company press release to comment on the new release…
”We wanted to develop a slot with a theme that everybody knows. The tale of Pinocchio is a beautiful childhood story which people from all over the world know about.”
Good start:
Pinocchio’s Journey is the Valencia-headquartered developer‘s very first slot release of 2021, and fans can expect many more to come this year. Triple Cherry’s rapidly-growing slots collection now features a total of 17 unique titles, including recent releases Catrina: Amor Eterno, Sugar Frenzy, Tomoe’s Sushi Bar and Thunder Rock, and continues to grow rapidly.
In addition to its new slot release, the Spanish studio kicked the new year off with a content partnership deal with leading Gibraltar-based aggregator and content provider, Pariplay. The collaboration gives Tripple Cherry’s expansion plans a significant boost courtesy of the British firm’s extensive network presence across the European regulated markets.


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Johnny Oshana Wins MSPT Poker Bowl V ($130,000) in Four-Way Deal

February 07, 2021
Mo Nuwwarah

For the fifth time in five runnings, the Mid-States Poker Tour Poker Bowl at Venetian ended in a deal. This time around, the final four players chopped up the remaining money after a marathon 15-plus hour day.
Foremost among the dealmakers was Johnny Oshana, who banked $130,000, about three-quarters of the original top payout. Not too far behind was Jordan Cristos, who earned $119,232. Short stacks who had near-identical chip counts, Seungmook Jung and Joris Springael, each got $85,000, a small bump over their ICM numbers.
Those four emerged from a field of 908 total entries, of which 116 made the final day.
“Feels great,” said Oshana, who hails from San Jose and had about $21K in live cashes according to The Hendon Mob.
The mechanical engineer who usually plays weekend tournaments at Bay 101 said his main plan for the money is to pay off his son’s car.
Official Final Table Results

1Johnny OshanaSan Jose, California$130,000*

2Jordan CristosLas Vegas, Nevada$119,232*

3Joris SpringaelGlendale, Arizona$85,000*

4Seungmook JungN/A, South Korea$85,000*

5Brandon EisenLas Vegas, Nevada$34,350

6Quy DaoSan Jose, California$26,423

7Kfir NahumHenderson, Nevada$20,257

8Erik CajelaisMontreal, Canada$14,092

*reflects four-way deal
Quite a few recognizable names made deep runs in the tournament, but many of them fell just a bit before the final table. Ryan Riess, Asher Conniff, Adam Hendrix, Javier Zarco and Sean Yu all made the three-table redraw but busted out before the final eight.
There was a stalemate with 16 left that lasted more than an hour before a furious run of busts saw the final table take shape with Oshana well clear of all of his rivals. Only Springael was within striking distance. Oshana had run hot early in the day with kings over aces to bust Tim Reilly in a huge pot and he kept the pressure on with his big stack after that.
Swingy Finish
However, the final table proved to be a pretty wild affair that Oshana couldn’t tame with sheer aggression.
Things went fine for him at first. After Erik Cajelais busted in eighth, Poker Bowl III champ Kfir Nahum sent Oshana all but his last few chips in a bizarre hand that saw the players check down rather than getting the last blind in.
Several times after that, Oshana was caught on big bluffs. Springael in particular seemed to have his number, and Oshana sank to the short stack.
“I guess I got caught up in the moment,” Oshana admitted. “After that, I had to rethink it and start playing smart.”
Springael couldn’t maintain dominance either, as Brandon Eisen trapped him with a turned straight and doubled through him by cracking his aces. Eisen had the lead six-handed, but in typical fashion for this final table, he wound up busting in fifth after losing three all-in pots in a row.

Stalemate then a Deal
They played four-handed for an hour but after a final break, someone suggested they look at the numbers. Everyone seemed amenable, but deal negotiations were anything but smooth.
The tournament staff came back with chip chop numbers, which weren’t even close to good enough for Jung. Cristos pulled up ICM, which had Jung taking home around $81K, but he said he wasn’t taking a cent less than $85K and would prefer play on.
Cristos played the role of a chief negotiator as he attempted to balance everyone’s desires. In the end, some money came off of his ICM number. Jung got his $85K with Springael getting an equal payout that also bumped his ICM number slightly.
Given how short stacks were — only about 70 blinds remained between the four players — Oshana said afterward he was happy to make the deal.
“At this point, it’s anybody’s game,” he said.
That does it for the MSPT Poker Bowl V at The Venetian Las Vegas. Players now have the opportunity to enjoy Sunday’s Super Bowl LV between the Kansas City Chiefs and Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

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