High Stakes Poker S8 E8: Find Out Which Player Went Broke & Quit the Game

February 04, 2021
Chad Holloway

Wednesday’s latest “High Stakes Poker” episode on PokerGO was a continuation of the last week’s game, which was played $200/$400/$800 w/ an $800 ante from the third blind.
The episode started with six players in their seats while Tom Dwan was sitting out. Here’s how things stack up at the top of the broadcast:

Rick Salomon$606,000

Jean-Robert Bellande$489,100

John Andress$298,000

Sean Perry$271,600

Damien Leforbes$157,800

Michael Schwimer$75,700

Leforbes vs. Schwimer – No Apologies for Running Good

In the first hand of the new episode, Damien Leforbes raised to $2,500 from middle position with the and the ever-aggressive Michael Schwimer three-bet to $9,000 from the cutoff holding the . Action folded back to Leforbes and he called to see the flop, which gave Schwimer trip eights.
Leforbes check-called a bet of $6,000 and then check-called one of $15,000 on the turn. The river was gin for Leforbes, who checked his full house. Schwimer bet $24,000, which left him just $21,000 behind, and Leforbes check-raised all in.
“Did you get lucky as shit on me?” a seemingly-frustrated Schwimer asked before calling off and discovering the bad news.
“I will not apologize for running good,” said Leforbes as he pulled in the $153,400 pot.
Dwan vs. Schwimer – “I’m in Pretty Good Shape”

After reloading to $100,000, Schwimer raised to $3,000 from the hijack and Dwan, who had returned to the game, three-bet to $13,000 from the small blind. Schwimer called, the flop fell . Dwan continued for $14,000 and Schwimer, who flopped top two pair, just called to see the turn.
Dwan made top pair but still checked, and Schwimer followed suit. On the river, Dwan bet $25,000 and Schwimer leaned back in his chair while letting out a big sigh before saying, “All in.”
It was $73,000 total and Dwan hit the tank.
“Didn’t snap-call, I’m in pretty good shape,” Schwimer claimed. Dwan thought long and hard before paying it off, and just like that Schwimer doubled back by claiming the $200,800 pot.
Sean Perry vs. Jean-Robert Bellande – JRB Puts Himself in Hot Water

Dwan opened for $2,500 with the and Sean Perry looked down at the next to act. He three-bet to $8,000 and then Jean-Robert Bellande, who had lost a six-figure pot to Dwan the hand prior, four-bet to $30,000 out of the small blind with the .
Dwan folded and Perry, the son of poker pro Ralph Perry, paused for a few beats before five-betting to $70,000. Bellande asked how much his opponent had behind, which was $246,000, and Bellande opted to call.
He flopped top pair on the flop and checked it over to Perry, who bet $40,000 into the pot of $144,100. Bellande called and then check-called a bet of $70,000 when the turn gave him an open-ended straight draw.
After the paired the board on the river, Bellande checked for the third time and Perry moved all in for his last $136,000. Bellande asked for a count and realized he had the bigger stack, albeit by a slim margin of $18,000. Eventually, Bellande called only to see his opponent table the goods.
With that, Perry doubled in a juicy pot worth $637,700.
Bryn Kenney vs. Sean Perry – Nine High, Not Like a Boss

After Rick Salomon left the game, a new player joined the game in Bryn Kenney, who bought in with a massive stack. Here’s how this stacked up at that point in time:

Bryn Kenney$836,900

Sean Perry$635,300

Tom Dwan$429,800

Michael Schwimmer$367,000

John Andress$223,800

Damien Leforbes$209,900

Jean-Robert Bellande$151,000

In his first hand of this episode, Kenney raised to $4,000 from the cutoff with the and Perry called from the big blind with the . The flop gave Perry trip eights and he check-called a bet of $10,000.
Perry checked again on the turn, which gave him a full house, and Kenney continued to bluff by firing out $23,000. Perry just called and then checked yet again on the river. Kenney took the bait and triple-barreled it with a bet of $64,000, but had to fold when Perry finally woke up with the check-raise to $219,000. Kenney took an early hit while Perry collected another big pot, this one worth $359,8000.
Michael Schwimmer vs. Bryn Kenney – One Will Quit the Game

In the penultimate hand of the episode, John Andress had the $1,600 straddle on and both Dwan and Bellande called, the former under the gun and the latter on the button. Schwimer then raised to $4,000 with the in the small blind and Kenney called from the big with the . All the aforementioned players called and it was five-way action to the flop.
Schwimer continued for $15,000 with top pair and Kenney raised to $52,000 with his set. Andress folded, Dwan gave up his flush draw, and Bellande got out of the way. Schwimer called and the turn gave him a wheel draw, which he checked.
Kenney bet $71,000, Schwimer called, and the completed the board on the river. Schwimer improved to two pair but checked to Kenney, who bet $165,000. Schwimer snap-called off his stack and then let loose some expletives upon seeing Kenney had the best hand to win the $597,200 pot.
“Alright, that was fun boys,” Schwimer told the table before giving up his seat in the game.
Remember, High Stakes Poker will air every Wednesday but is only available to PokerGO subscribers. If you’re not currently subscribed, you can get a monthly subscription for $14.99, a three-month plan for $29.99, and an annual subscription for $99.99.
*Images courtesy of PokerGO.

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คาสิโน เครดิตฟรี
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Naked Woman Shuts Off Power at Las Vegas Casino: Police

Posted on: February 4, 2021, 03:18h. 
Last updated on: February 4, 2021, 03:18h.
A naked woman was arrested after breaking into a fire control room and shutting off power at Circa Resort in Las Vegas, police said.
Circa Resort towers over other properties in downtown Las Vegas. A naked woman is accused of temporarily shutting power at the resort late Monday. (Image: Fox5 Vegas)Alissa Neeley, 28, was booked into the Clark County Detention Center early Tuesday. She faces a charge of theft of a fire prevention device. Neeley was released from jail on her own recognizance and is required to stay away from the downtown resort. She is due in court on March 30.  Neeley had been a guest at the resort on Monday. At about 9:30 pm, she was kicked out for walking around in the hotel with no clothes on, police said. She also is accused of entering rooms designated for employee use only. Her driver’s license identified her as an Iowa resident, authorities said.About 30 minute after she was evicted, power went out in the casino, the hotel, and the parking garage, according to media accounts. The parking garage is known as Garage Mahal.The power outage disabled slot machines, fire alarms, elevators, and more. A maintenance worker investigating the outage found the woman sitting naked on a chair in a secured control room in the parking garage, police said.Security officers placed the woman in handcuffs and notified the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department. It was unclear how Neeley was able to get into a secured control room, authorities said. She declined to speak with police.Power OutageElectrical power at the resort was out for about three hours. Power was restored Tuesday at about 1 am. Circa spokeswoman Angela Ciciriello said this was an isolated incident, according to the Las Vegas Review Journal.We have implemented additional security measures to ensure our facilities are protected,” she said.Police said the woman caused about $5,000 in damages. She bent switches on the control panel, creating a delay in restoring power at the resort. She also disabled some wires, police said.Historic Fremont StreetCirca is at the northwest corner of historic Fremont Street in downtown Las Vegas. It is the first resort to be built in the downtown casino district in 40 years. The resort opened late last year as an adult’s only hotel-casino. A steakhouse on the site is the only place anyone under 21 is allowed.Circa is on a portion of Fremont Street covered by a lighted canopy that displays colorful electronic images. This portion of the street is a pedestrian mall. Late last year, the canopy displayed a tribute to former Las Vegas investor Tony Hsieh. The ex-Zappos CEO died in November from injuries in a fire at a home in Connecticut.Fremont Street is known for several longstanding casinos. The El Cortez and other properties on Fremont once were controlled by reputed underworld figures. One of these gangsters, Benjamin “Bugsy” Siegel, went from the El Cortez to open the Flamingo in 1946 on the Las Vegas Strip south of downtown.


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Online Sportsbook Promotions You Need to Know About Before the Big Game on Sunday

The Big Game is quickly approaching, with only a few more days to go. Even if you bet on sports just casually, this Sunday is one day of the year that no one will want to miss.

On February 7, the Kansas City Chiefs and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers will come head to head in Super Bowl 2021, and US sportsbooks are offering a host of valuable promotions to make your bets more exciting and entertaining.

Get $10 Free With Big Game Parlay at BetMGM Sportsbook

Place a One Game Parlay bet on the Big Game of at least $25, and BetMGM will give you $10 in free bets to use on any sports.

To participate, simply log in to your BetMGM account, opt in to the promotion, and place a wager of at least $25 before the start of the game. Win or lose, you will receive your free $10.

The One Game Parlay is a new type of bet added to BetMGM, allowing you to make a parlay wager on a single game by combining the winner, player props, or the total.

The free bet can only be used in one go and it must be used within 30 days. However, the amount of the original bet will not be included in the winnings.

Sign up to BetMGM Sportsbook today New Players Get a Risk Free First Bet up to $600 »

Bet on Either Team to Score and Get 10x Your Bet up to $100 at FOX Bet

FOX Bet is offering an interesting promotion for new bettors. If you do not have an account with the bookie as of yet, you can open one before the Big Game and get involved with this promo where you can get 10 times your original bet when you bet on either team to score. And since this game cannot end in a scoreless tie, you are assured to win!

To take advantage of this valuable promo, just:

Register a new FOX Bet account
Make a real money deposit
Place a wager up to $10 on either team to score in the Big Game

There is no opt in required, but the offer is only available to new customers making their very first bet with FOX Bet.

If your bet comes in, i.e. either the Chiefs or the Buccaneers score at least one point, you will receive 10 times the amount wagered in free bets, up to the maximum of $100 within 24 hours.

Sign up to FOX Bet today New Players Get a Risk Free First Bet up to $500 »

Claim $10 Free Live Bet by Betting on the Big Game with FOX Bet

Another promotion that FOX Bet is running for the Big Game gives you a chance to claim a $10 free live bet when you bet $10 or more on the Big Game.

You can take your pick, but it must be a single bet with odds of at least -200. You will need to opt in via the Challenges’ window and you can even get involved with this one after the game kicks off via the live betting section.

Once you place the bet, you will instantly receive another $10 free bet that can only be used during the Big Game. Any winnings will be paid in cash with no restrictions. The amount of the free bet will be deducted before the winnings are paid out.

Unibet Offering $21 Free Bet – No Deposit Required

Bettors from New Jersey and Pennsylvania who have access to Unibet can get their hands on a $21 free bet for Sunday’s Big Game without even having to make a real money deposit.

The offer is available to all bettors, not just new accounts. As long as you have an active and verified Unibet account, you will see the $21 free bet that you can use to bet live on any Big Game wager during the game.

There are no odds restrictions, so you are free to use your free bet as you see fit. However, any potential winnings will not include the free bet amount.

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Take Advantage of the Big Game Bundle Welcome Bonus at Unibet

For new players that do not have an account with Unibet as of yet, there is a special welcome offer tailored with the Big Game in mind.

As soon as you register and verify the account, you will receive two $10 free bets that you can use on any events and markets of your choosing. No deposit is required.

You will also get the $21 free live bet for the Big Game like the rest of existing customers.

Finally, you can claim two free bets worth up to $250 each on your very first two real money wagers. To claim this offer, you will need to deposit and place two bets. If your first bet is a multiple, two first picks will count for this promo.

If one or both of your bets lose, you will receive free bet(s) equaling your original wagered amount up to the maximum of $250 for each bet.

More Fun with Unibet Touchdown Bonuses

Unibet has really gone all out for the Big Game. If you are looking for offers that will keep you entertained throughout the game, there are two different touchdown bonuses to check out.

Bet at least $20 on the First Touchdown Scorer & get $1 extra for every point that your selected team scores during the game.
Quarterback Touchdown Bonus: Wager $50 or more on any quarterback to get over the 2.5 passing touchdowns line and receive $6 extra for every touchdown they throw during the game.

Huge Welcome Offer at BetRivers

BetRivers has come up with a big offer for all new bettors who do not have an account with the bookie as of yet. Namely, you only need to deposit and bet $100 or more on the Big Game to qualify for the big $400 bonus.

To qualify for this promotion, your initial wagers must have odds of at least -200 and cannot be any house specials. Also, you must ride out the bet, i.e. no cashouts are allowed.

Once the wager settles, you will qualify for the $400 bonus, which will be issued in four $100 increments, starting with February 8. After that, you will get one more $100 free bet every week for the next three weeks.

To claim the offer, use the bonus code ‘*BIGGAME500*’ and place the qualifying wager. Bonus bets need to be turned over just one time on wagers with odds of at least -200 or casino games excluding baccarat and roulette.

Sign up to BetRivers today and get up to a $250 Match Bonus »

Claim Additional $55 in Free Bets at BetRivers

If you are not a new customer but would still like to get something going for the Big Game, BetRivers is offering a chance to get up to $55 in free bets.

For every $55 wagered on the Big Game with odds of at least -200, you will qualify for $11 in free bets. The maximum you can get from this promotion is $55.

Free bets will be issued in $11 increments on a weekly basis over the maximum of five weeks for those taking full advantage of this offer.

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Indiana Gaming Commission moves to revoke Rod Ratcliff’s casino license

The Indiana Gaming Commission has reportedly moved to permanently revoke the Indiana casino license held by local entrepreneur Rod Ratcliff (pictured) over allegations that he failed to disclose the transfer of business funds into a personal wagering account.
According to a Wednesday report from The Indianapolis Star newspaper, Ratcliffe partnered with former Centaur Holdings executive John Keeler in 2018 to lead a group that established Spectacle Entertainment so as to buy Indiana’s floating Majestic Star Casino Hotel and Majestic Star Casino Hotel II venues. This entity purportedly later successfully lobbied for the right to relocate one of these Gary riverboat casinos to a fresh and more profitable land-based site located along nearby Interstate 94.
Coming casino:
The newspaper reported that this new $300 million venue is set to debut later this year as the Hard Rock Casino Northern Indiana featuring a collection of about 1,650 slots alongside some 80 gaming tables. However, any opening ceremonies are purportedly not likely to feature Ratcliff as he was forced to resign as Chairman and Chief Executive Officer for Spectacle Entertainment in June as scrutiny concerning his past behavior increased.
Questionable association:
The Indianapolis Star reported that the Indiana casino magnate first came under the spotlight when federal law enforcement authorities and the Indiana Gaming Commission launched investigations into whether Keeler had helped to illegally funnel campaign contributions into a state lawmaker’s unsuccessful congressional run. Although Ratcliff was not named in the subsequent indictment, he did purportedly have his license temporarily suspended in December before being compelled to sell his stake in the coming 200,000 sq ft Hard Rock Casino Northern Indiana.
Later lawsuit:
Ratcliff reportedly responded by suing the Indiana Gaming Commission over claims that the interim suspension had come with ‘no notice, no hearing and no process’ and had additionally denied him the ‘ability to sell his shares on his own terms’ to the operator of the coming Lake County casino, Hard Rock International.
Serious reply:
However, the Indiana Gaming Commission reportedly countered on Monday by lodging a Lake County Superior Court petition that is seeking the permanent revocation of Ratcliff’s casino license. The regulator’s application purportedly contends that the entrepreneur had transferred approximately $900,000 from his casino business to personal betting accounts between 2015 and 2019 and had subsequently failed to disclose this information at the time of applying for his license.
The newspaper reported that the request from the Indiana Gaming Commission alleges that Ratcliff had violated its licensing standards in 2018 by ‘submitting false information’ while simultaneously ‘hiding conduct that violates Indiana gaming rules and regulations’. The regulator purportedly moreover claimed that the businessman had later refused ‘on two separate occasions’ to meet with its investigators so as to answer questions regarding any allegations of unethical business practices.
Converging course:
The Indianapolis Star reported that this petition is to ultimately be reviewed by the Indiana Office of Administrative Law Proceedings, which is a state office charged with ruling on agency disputes. In the meantime and Ratcliff purportedly asserted that he ‘looks forward to his day in court’ so that he may ‘contest these baseless allegations.’


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Hand Review: Did Polk Shove Too Light for Value Versus Negreanu?

February 04, 2021
Mo Nuwwarah

The ongoing $200/$400 heads-up no-limit hold’em match between Doug Polk and Daniel Negreanu has captured the attention of the poker world, particularly with the dearth of other action of interest out there.
Two legends of poker battling back and forth for pots worth sometimes hundreds of thousands of dollars has naturally produced some interesting hands that merit a closer look from a strategic point of view.
Getting an expert’s perspective on such a hand isn’t easy considering how few HUNL specialists are out there and qualified to comment critically on these stakes, but PokerNews did manage to get hold of one: Kevin Rabichow. The high-stakes pro and Run It Once Poker ambassador graciously agreed to help break down a pot I found fascinating while covering the action.
Kevin Rabichow
The hand can be viewed here but for those not wishing to relive it in video form, here’s how the action goes:
Negreanu raised to $960 on the button and Polk reraised to $3,945. Negreanu four-bet to $10,800 and Polk called, bringing a flop. Both players checked and the turn was the . Polk led out $6,479 and Negreanu called. On the river, Polk shoved for $32,132. Negreanu quickly called with and won the showdown against to scoop a $98K pot.
PokerNews: How does being 125 bigs deep change preflop strategy with these hands if at all? Is everything they do here standard?
Kevin Rabichow: The interesting decision preflop as you get deeper is how do you adjust what you’re going to stack off compared to three-bet-call or just call. Maybe you three-bet less than usual here but I still think this hand’s always a three-bet. Sometimes you can five-bet all in for 100 bigs but maybe not 125.
On the flop, we see both players check. I assume that’s also pretty standard or is there an argument to bet because this is a good flop for the four-bettor’s range, and aces and queens are potentially bad turns than can cost you a pretty big pot?
It’s common for button to bet range on this flop. The key thing is it’s king-high. When the board comes king-high, the really important thing in heads-up preflop ranges is that button will have all ace-kings and big blind never has any ace-kings. You can’t say that as confidently in other formats but in heads up you can.
Daniel should probably just bet. If Doug folds queen-jack or something with an ace in it, you get some equity out of the pot and can charge a gutshot or open-ended straight draw. I think it’s a little non-standard not to bet. If I was gonna check anything, my first choice would be queens or jacks, though. If you’re gonna play checks, this hand is up there.
After a turn, Doug leads one-third of pot. Is this for standard for value and protection?
Doug is very GTO-focused. He’s trying to just play well and learn from the solver. The solver wouldn’t check very much. is the type of hand that wants to lead small. It does depend on what types of hands Daniel is checking back though.
We had seen Daniel occasionally check as strong as top pair in these four-bet pots.
That makes it really tough if he’s checking . What Doug has to ask himself is, ‘Is this hand good enough to bet for protection?’ Not just does it want to because it clearly does.
Keep in mind stuff like queen-six suited or ace-five suited are preflop bluffs and made a weak pair. That’s part of the range that gets overlooked heads up. Daniel’s gonna bluff with raggedy , . He could have pair of sixes or fives. If he folds out something like that has six clean outs, that’s also great for him.
It’s kind of thin. I think it’s still clear the bet is fine.
We see a pot-sized shove on the river. I assume it’s for value? Is this too thin?
I think on the surface, it’s a pretty normal shove in heads up. In this situation, it’s a little thin. The key thing here is Doug’s out of position. It’s a thin value shove for one pot-sized bet, so that makes the math pretty easy. If he was to check and get shoved on he needs 33% to check-call. Traditionally if you make a value-bet, you want to get called by a range you’re ahead of. When he shoves and gets called, maybe he’s got 43% equity.
It gets weird out of position with these thin, in-between hands. But, he’s ahead of , , even which might hero. A rivered pair of sevens which is unlikely but maybe a hand that bluffed preflop could have gotten here. There’s stuff that he beats but it’s certainly not thrilling.
But, Doug is someone who bluffs a lot, and Daniel will make hero calls. Maybe Doug doesn’t think check performs very well. Maybe he’s saying if he has or it’s a cooler, which I kind of agree with. I think Doug’s shoving for value fully expecting to lose more than time.
Negreanu won the huge pot with jacks.
So, even though he might be beat more than half of the time he’s called, jam can still be good for value?
You have to look at the [expected value] of check as a whole versus the EV of jam as a whole. If he jams, he always gets called by better hands and sometimes by worse hands. When he checks, Daniel will always check back the hands Doug beats. But, the concern is he will bluff sometimes and he will value-bet all the better hands. If he feels he cannot check-fold, then value-betting becomes worth considering.
Does block-betting the river make any sense?
From what I’ve seen of Daniel’s game, I think block is very likely the best play. That would probably be my first choice. I think it’s a good play. It’s quite possible Doug randomized for his sizing or just kind of got caught up in making a greedy sizing choice.
Blocking river in a spot like this is definitely part of good strategy. The likely response we’re hoping for is Daniel calls with . If that’s the play he takes even a little bit of time, that’s an amazing result. We get extra value from fives and sixes and don’t lose the max against and .
What do regular players need to understand about heads-up no-limit that makes this shove good?
I think the framework within heads-up no-limit is to realize like and , even if we think Daniel is conservative, it’s not an overwhelming majority of his range. We can’t focus so quickly on that part of his range. Because preflop ranges are so wide, it’s important to remember that ace-high needs to call the turn and and need to call river a lot of the time against a jam. Just recognizing that the overall strategy good heads-up no-limit players use in this spot isn’t overly focused on the top of Daniel’s range. There’s all this trash and all these other weak hands.
What parts of heads-up no-limit can fans watching take and try to apply to their own games?
Honestly, it’s probably just aggression. Recognizing the value of finding bets and stacking off uncomfortably light. It trickles to the rest of your strategy. The benefit of Doug having plays like this that are thin and look wild is you allow yourself to be aggressive with the bluffs in your range and find thinner value bets as a result. Your aggression goes up and you win more pots.
Almost all players are not aggressive enough, even professional players. Six-max, tournaments…players are by and large not aggressive enough. Here’s a player at the top of the game on the biggest stage and he’s going after it every pot. That’s something worth trying to emulate, I think.

สมัคร คาสิโน ออนไลน์
ดาฟาเบท คาสิโน มือถือ
คาสิโน ฝาก ถอนไม่มีขั้นต่ำ
คาสิโน เครดิตฟรี
คาสิโน ฟรีเครดิต

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William Hill statement on the rise of the gambling black market

Here at William Hill, we have long been concerned by the black market in gambling and the threat it poses to customers. We want everyone who gambles to be certain that the operator who’s taking their bets plays by the rules. The problem is, that’s not always the case, and that’s a problem for our customers, for us and for the whole betting industry.  We are pleased that the Government has rightly included this issue as an area of focus in the Gambling Act Review consultation.
Last week, Neil McArthur, CEO of the Gambling Commission — Britain’s gambling regulator — wrote to the Gambling Related Harm All Party Parliamentary Group. In that letter he set out his view of the black market and explained that, “Criminals seeking to circumvent the regulated sphere and exploit the vulnerable are demonstrating increasing sophistication, complexity and capability which poses challenges to us to keep pace.”
This is also our view of the gambling black market: it is a growing problem that we must confront. The reason is that unlicensed operators do not offer the same protections as licensed companies. They do not have any of the safer gambling protocols in place that we use, there are no age verification checks, no anti-money laundering precautions, or any of the consumer protections that are now standard in the industry. 
 It is all the more important now, as evidence suggests that the black market is growing. The Gambling Commission’s own record of success in confronting these illegal operatives supports this conclusion. In 2019-20, the Commission carried out 59 enforcement actions against unlicensed operators. So far in 2020/21, the equivalent number already stands at 74 — a significant increase. 
This is not a new problem — sadly, there have always been illegal bookmakers, in Britain and elsewhere. What makes the current black market threat so pernicious is its ability to exploit technology in order to make itself more available to gamblers. Now, a person on a legal betting site is only a few clicks away from a black market option.
Everyone who gambles in Britain deserves protection from illegal operators. We must do all that we can to make sure that remains the case.  We would encourage all our customers to report information about black market/unlicensed gambling operators to the Gambling Commission via its Confidential Reporting Line 0121 230 6655 so that they can take the necessary action.
Please read today’s PwC report on the black market here.

Ulrik BengtssonChief Executive, William Hill

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Skillz Stock Sizzles on NFL Developer Deal

Posted on: February 4, 2021, 11:04h. 
Last updated on: February 4, 2021, 12:24h.
Mobile games and esports tournament provider Skillz Inc. (NYSE:SKLZ) is on pace for its best day as a publicly traded company after announcing an agreement with the NFL.
Kansas City Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce (left) and quarterback Patrick Mahomes. The NFL has a new esports deal with Skillz. (Image: Arrowhead Pride)The pact is unique compared to previous deals struck between gaming companies and professional sports leagues, in that it’s not about generating awareness of sports betting. Rather, the NFL and Skillz are teaming up to reach global game developers to crowdsource a future mobile esports product. Under the terms of the agreement, the league and the company are hosting a global game developer contest.Competing developers will have the opportunity to develop an NFL-themed mobile game. The game will be powered by the Skillz esports platform and will have joint marketing support from both the NFL and Skillz,” according to a statement.The aim is to leverage the NFL’s status as the most popular domestic sports league with the Skillz platform to create a new esports game.The combination makes sense, because there are more than 2.7 billion active mobile gamers and 10 million developers around the world. The Skillz/NFL developer challenge starts in the second quarter and creators can pitch any genre except for a game that would be a direct simulation of traditional 11-on-11 football.Skillz Stock: Hot New Gaming IdeaSkillz stock is another gaming name born out of a merger with a special purpose acquisition (SPAC). In fact, two of the founders of Flying Eagle Acquisition – the blank-check company Skillz merged with — created the SPAC DraftKings (NASDAQ:DKNG) and executed a reverse merger to become a public company last April.Skillz officially became a freestanding company on Dec. 17 following the transaction that valued the San Francisco-based company at $3.5 billion. Since then, the stock roughly doubled when accounting for today’s more than 22 percent surge and its market capitalization ballooned to $9.12 billion.Five analysts started coverage of Skillz stock over the past month, four with bullish ratings. The consensus price target on the name is $29.80, well below the $38.40 area at which it resides at this writing.In its brief time as a public company, Skillz is catching the eyes of buy-side investors, too, joining the rosters of some well-known exchange traded funds (ETFs).NFL Betting on Mobile Gaming GrowthConventional wisdom holds that professional sports leagues are warming to regulated sports wagering because the industry is growing and it’s an avenue for bolstering fan engagement.However, the forecasts for esports and mobile/social casinos are staggering. Market observers believe that could be a $150 billion-plus segment by 2025.Total esports viewership is expected to grow at a 9% compound annual growth rate (CAGR) between 2019 and 2023, up from 454 million in 2019 to 646 million in 2023,” according to Insider Intelligence forecasts.By that year, esports television viewership could top all US professional leagues except the NFL.As for the mobile side of the equation, the NFL may have the right partner in Skillz. The company’s users spend 63 minutes a day playing its games — twice the industry average.Additionally, the Skillz retention rate for customers playing a game for at least a month is 24 percent higher than that of its rivals. Nearly a third of Skillz users playing free games ultimately become paying customers, according to the company.


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Poker on Screen: Smile (2021)

The latest example of poker on screen isn’t a glitzy Hollywood movie or a stylish cameo to bulk out a gangster film. It’s not a tournament or cash game highlights show, either.Smile, produced by Norwegian filmmakers Kari Wåle and Linn Amundsen, is a documentary that follows the last steps of Thor Hansen’s journey in poker and in life itself. Diagnosed with incurable cancer, Hansen’s prolonged battle against the disease took in the making of the film and it one of the single most fascinating films you’ll ever watch.It goes without saying that Thor Hansen is a poker legend, but the two-time WSOP bracelet winner is also a hero to Norwegians who play the game and it’s not hard to see why in a documentary where Hansen, despite the impossible battle he faces, is constantly smiling.While the jovial Norwegian has not yet made his way into the Poker Hall of Fame, it is an induction that surely will come in time. He’s impossible not to like, not only because of his infectious lust for playing poker (“I’ll be playing on my deathbed, you guys can bring cards!”) but his humility and acceptance of his fate.Lasting 75 minutes, this poker film is a deep dive into Hansen’s life and motivations, and it’s a study which is often upsetting, purely because his personality is so vital and his humour so touchingly infectious that throughout the movie one is struck by sadness that his isn’t around any more. He is missed in the current scene, though what he would have made of poker behind Perspex screens and face masks is anyone’s guess.Hansen deals with his terminal cancer diagnosis like he might have dealt with bad cards he’s miscalled the flop with; accepting that he may lose the hand but determined to go down cracking jokes. It is a testament to his mental strength and while it’s not a theme of the movie, we couldn’t help wondering if his love of poker helped to prolong his life, given that he endured 300 chemo treatments and six years of such battles to continue living as long as he could.Part of the film touches on his love of the game in its purest form and it seems to a large extent to have consumed him. The question isn’t posed directly, but lingers like sepia on old film anyway; is a whole life dedicated to poker something that is a good thing or bad for a human being?There’s no correct answer, of course, purely because everyone is different, but while many of poker’s modern success stories have an ‘escape route’ planned, pivoting to Bitcoin or investment opportunities or a completely different gaming discipline, Thor Hansen hails from an era where poker consumed its players, and dominated their lives.Passing away aged just 71, Hansen was by no means the oldest of men by the time he died and that is the big takeaway, how full of life he could seem to be while simultaneously rowing in tandem with those on the longest journey of all, life itself going into whatever lies beyond. His viewpoint on life and poker mix and meld beautifully and it’s clear that his love of the game runs like a second skin under his own.A gregarious character of vast personal charm, it’s impossible not to love Thor Hansen. The filmmakers spoke to PokerNews about the project, telling the poker reporting site that, “We thought Thor deserved this film, and we also got the impression that he was a bit proud that we were making a film about his life.”It’s impossible to argue with such a wonderful sentiment and the film, while capturing Hansen at his physical nadir in terms of his life, captures the essence of what makes him – and his wife Marcella – so special too.You can watch the trailer for Smile right here:If you want to buy the film, you can do so on Vimeo via this link.

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Spewy river call?

Ignition – $0.05 NL FAST (6 max) – Holdem – 6 playersHand converted by PokerTracker 4SB (SB): 206.2 BBBB (BB): 110.4 BBUTG (UTG): 82.4 BBMP (MP): 89.4 BBCO (CO): 342 BBHero (BTN): 100 BBSB posts SB 0.4 BB, BB posts BB 1 BBDealt to Hero:Jd9dfold, fold, CO calls 1 BB, Hero raises to 5 BB, fold, fold, CO calls 4 BBFlop (11.4 BB, 2 players):Jh4s2dCO bets 10 BB, Hero calls 10 BBReally weird here but I can’t be folding.Turn (31.4 BB, 2 players):AdCO bets 30 BB, Hero calls 30 BBWhat is he saying he has, AJ that just turned the ace??? A4s? A2s? Set of 44 or 22 ? Smells like bullshit to me, I have the diamond draw as well so I call.River (91.4 BB, 2 players):2cCO bets 297 BB and is all-in, Hero calls 55 BB and is all-inThe river shove makes no sense. Villain has basically 3 hands they are repping. A flopped set of 44, 22 with quads, and maybe AJ???? Idk this line just made 0 sense to me. If they went smaller on the flop or raised me pre it would make a lot more sense and would be a real easy fold but I thought about it for a real long time and it just felt like a bullshit shove trying to get Jx to fold. I felt really sick on the river shove because even though villain can never have the nuts here they also never bluff shove the river and could easily have some really weirdly played Ax. In the end I called even though my instincts screamed to fold.CO shows:Ac3c(Two Pair, Aces and Twos)CO wins 191.4 BBWhat is it with people and bluff shoving marginal hands? Should I just quit trying to bluffcatch and fold when I see big bets? From villain’s point of view this was very well played because I can never have Ax after calling the flop. That’s also the reason this line felt so bullshit to me, there’s very few nutted hands villain has and it’s far too easy to bluff me off Jx with this humungous bets.

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News from Poker Pro Tim O’Keefe

News from Poker Pro Tim O’Keefe Lessons Learned from the WSOP!Well my first WSOP has come to a close. It has had it’s ups and downs, and downs, but overall I learned a Lot and am still grateful to have been able to play at the biggest and best series in the Poker world. While I didn’t get to live out my poker dream completely and play the Main event, I’m confident the lessons I’ve learned from this roller coaster adventure will help me refocus me for upcoming events and come back to crush next years WSOP! So to keep me on point and have something to reread before next years events, here’s a list of the top 5 most important things I figured out in the last 5 weeks!Confused look for most of the series lol1. Have a plan, but be flexible! I had what I though was a really good plan going in. I had mapped out all the events I wanted to play, totaled it all up and even made a spreadsheet for investors! It was all set up! Until I got there and it basically went out the window! lol While I still played in a decent amount of the events I planned, I changed my game plan on almost a day to day basis. There were simply too many tournaments outside of the WSOP that were softer and clearly a better value.  I had not done enough research on other events in town and it caused quite a bit of stress and confusion. I was constantly torn between what I planned and what others were telling me to play. Flip/flopping on what to play will drive you crazy, believe me. (lol) Just figure it out beforehand and Commit. Another big part of this was reentering tourneys after busting. While many, if not all of the tournaments had multiple day ones, I repeatedly fired a second bullet after busting. While there are definitely spots where I think reentering is worth it, I know now that I was just glory chasing and went WAY too hard too early in my trip. By not sticking to my plan of just reentering the next day, I wasted valuable mental energy, relaxation time and of course money.2. Be Disciplined!Staying along the same lines as sticking with your plan, being disciplined enough to stay the course throughout the series is vitally important! If I maintained my discipline and didn’t reenter those tourneys, I would have saved myself from a lot of stress. And while I said be flexible, don’t be so flexible that you end up just going with what everyone else is doing.  You are there for you and no one else. I need to workout everyday, eat healthy, and get a good nights sleep or I’m off my game. Don’t drink, stay out late, skip workouts or eat crappy food, just cause that’s what everyone else is doing. I fell off my routine multiple times throughout the series, I either was trying to keep up with what everyone else was doing or simply slacked off, and I know it cost me my A game. You don’t want to ignore people’s advice completely, I would have missed out on a lot of opportunities if I did, but make sure you still put yourself first.. Do whatever you need to do to bring your A game everyday, no matter what.3. Bank roll management!Your bank roll isn’t big enough! lol Plain and simple, if you think you have enough, double it. I don’t care who’s bank roll strategy you follow, but double it. Some players come out to the WSOP and take every last cent they have to the tables. Its INSANE. Unless you are completely comfortable with losing your entire roll in a few weeks(and I don’t think anyone should be) Don’t be one of these players, be smart! Use the same intelligent financial decisions that got you here in the first place. Yea it’s the World Series of Poker, and you should take your shot, but don’t shoot yourself in the foot and go home broke! Many times throughout the series the loss of money, compounded by a stretch of running bad, caused me to to tilt and knock me off my game. Even if the thoughts are WAY back in my mind, it’s still there enough to start even the best players down a bad path of negativity and self doubt. Save yourself the trouble and make sure you have enough in your roll to not worry. I know it will improve your play at the tables and make the trip much more enjoyable.Just playing Intertops while watching the One Drop!4. Pace yourself! Burn out is waaayy too easy at the WSOP!   Six weeks of nonstop poker is sheer craziness! haha I have a new respect for pros that play this every year and honestly, a little bit of pity. The way I and many others went about playing this series is not a way to live, even for 6 weeks! lol Doing nothing else besides playing poker is mentally abusive to ourselves and just not healthy. Being in a casino everyday, while fun for a bit, but gets very old very fast. Dealing with the smoke, the table games, the alcohol and the same degenerate players really takes a toll on you.  You need to make sure you are are balanced and not just grinding away the experience! There’s always another tourney! Thats the beauty of it! If you bust out, leave the casino and do something besides poker! Poker (actually another amazing tourney) will be there tomorrow! Also be sure to schedule days off completely. You might not think you need the break, but trust me, you do.  I was delusional thinking I could play everyday for 12-15 hour days and be at my best! If I took more time off completely, I know my game would have been better and my bankroll would be fatter lol.5. Enjoy the Experience!Remember you’re at the WSOP! Its the biggest and best tournament series of the year! It’s poker heaven!  And It’s Vegas! Have fun! Take time to enjoy the process. Poker is supposed to be fun, right?! If it’s not, then what’s the point! You should wake up everyday and smile at the thought you get another shot at poker fame and tons of cash!  Appreciate how lucky we are to be able to play a game like this! Soak it all up! Take pictures, meet Pros you’ve only see on TV, watch a final table in the thunderdome, have a fancy meal, see a show, hit the clubs and the pool!  I mean, it is Vegas! and the WSOP is a spectacle to say the least! ! lol There’s always something going on, poker related or not! I regret not making more time for all these things and really diving into the whole thing.  Unlimited poker isn’t always a good thing. Put the chips down and have some fun somewhere else!The WSOP goes by way to fast and painfully slow at the same time lol When things are going well it’s over all too quick and when things are going  bad, you cannot get on that plane home fast enough lol It’s the part were you have these feelings all in one day that’s hard to describe, but I’m sure most players understand what I mean! lol Hopefully others reading this can learn from my very expensive lessons and not make these same mistakes. And If you’re around for next years WSOP and see me doing any of these things, you have my permission to slap me in the face with a copy of this! lol;)Run Good,TimFollow me @TimOK311 on Twitter.@ 2fit2fold on instagram and  facebook@ https://www.facebook.com/tim.okeefe.75PPS: Want to know more about our current promotions?

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