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Strangest Hand I’ve played in 10+ years

Playing $1/$3 at my local casino – really fun group of guys.Guy to my right (UTG) just won $500 on a high hand promotion and is feeling on top of the fucking world. He proclaims he is opening to $10 without looking at his cards. I call with ATo in UTG+1, SB and BB also call.Flop comes 532 with two spades. SB and BB check. UTG bets out $20 still without looking at his cards. I raise to $50 in an attempt to fold out the SB and BB, which works. UTG calls the raise. Still hasn’t looked at his cards.Turn is the 7 of spades. UTG decides to slow down and check – still hasn’t peeked. He thinks this is hilarious. I check my hand and noticed I have the T of spades. I figure I have a lot of showdown value with just my A, and the T is useful if the 4th spade comes in. I check.River is the T of hearts. UTG thinks for a 30 seconds and then says “Hell why not” and bets out $100 – STILL hasn’t peeked. I snap call and now his face is concerned. I show my TPTK. He takes a couple dramatic moments and turns over his cards in the middle of the table.AsJs for the nut flush.He did the the same thing to another guy on the following hand. The other guy had 88, but the flop came KJx so he couldn’t bet. Turn A. River Q. Psycho turns over T4 off for a rivered straight.

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